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I love this guy.. I remember when christiano ronaldo won the ballon dor and messi came runner up deco said " I'm not worried about messi, cuz he'll win the ballon dor for many years to come ". True words from a great player..

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can someone plz translate this video? its a fairly new documentary about Pep by those who are close to him, including Xavi, Puyol & Iniesta. much appreciated if u can translate it and post it on the site, I'm sure everyone will enjoy it :)

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Is Afellay allowed to play in the CL ? did he participate with PSV in any CL matches?

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I've subscribed to his channel long time ago, great videos on there..
its a great addition to the site with his kind of videos in my opinion, welcome allas..

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sorry, but i guess u have no idea what u r talking about..
if u where a barca follower then, u'd know that davids came on loan from juve in 2003-2004 season for 6 months, which was the debut season for ronaldinho & rijkaard.

he came in the mid season to strengthen the team, as they where 10th on the league table & struggling for a european spot, and they ended the season second to Valencia and top of madrid which released all the pressure the team had from the media and fans. And Davids played a very pivotal role in the team that season as he participated in every single game in the second round..

so i dont care about a street soccer match or skill competitions, he was great at barca and did the job demanded from him perfectly..

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I have to disagree, if the previous generations have survived and overcame all crisis and downfalls, while maintaining the barca identity for more than 100 yrs, why cant we do it ?!!!
I'm sure the era before Joan Laporta took over was much worse, the team was losing in all areas, didnt win a trophy for 6 yrs, and there was a great amount of debt hanging on the clubs neck, but yet no one even considered having a sponsored shirt, so why do it now ?!!
especially that the club is reaching sky high in all aspects, and all sport teams (basket, handball, hockey) are in great shape, and the football team is in its prime !!
I know we are in debt, but all the clubs are, its normal in football, the case here is how u r dealing with that debt. We are generating profits each year, so the debt is deminishing as the years go by, I'm sure there are other ways we can recover this debt rather than letting go of our core principals..

I always said we're a club who prefers paying money for good cause, rather than taking the easy and preferable route of having sponsors.. but I guess those days are over..

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LOL, Messi's expression is just priceless..

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well, i guess Guardiola's thumbs up says it all :)

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we already have a miracle, and its called "MESSI" !!