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Not really, there is no contradiction, just different individuals with different opinion and purposes, maybe some feel after all education can not stand alone without the support of good leaders.

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Why do the job you do and I am certain it is cruel some where down the chain, if you dont think so then for a moment stop what you doing and ask your self where did the materials, equipment or tools you use on your job came from. I am certain it effects animals directly or indirectly including climate, health, etc.

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He made huge success and this is firm declaration that Somaliland stock trade is here to stay, a big slap on all the haters, now Somaliland has chance to make cool $250 million.

Well done Somaliland livestock minister, al jabiri and the Saudi Kingdom.

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It's not flying yet, not at that stage yet, they only showed this because people who are passing by keep bothering them, so some media wanted to see what was going on.

It's not ready to fly yet but not long to go.

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It could be the Tigray government in Addis Ababa who want to create chaos in Somaliland, the perpetrator was an Oromo man. Theres too many Oromo refugees in Somaliland, majority of them are good people but some could be secret agents while others are just strange people as whole.

Let's do the research and find the facts, I suspect Al Shabab and Tigray-land (Meles).

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I totally agree with you Obsiye, thanks to Allah who sent us that brave woman, without her they would have killed a lot of innocent people, Somaliland needs to put securities on mosques and protect open minded Sheikhs or Imams who speak against the ill and satanic Al Shabab and their likes.

These guys are sick they will not spare anyone, men, women, children, students, imaams, anyone even animals.

Allah is with Somaliland.

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Woow this is truely inspirational and bright day for Somaliland, we about to put the first ever Somali made helicopter out there thanks to the tree genius men.

I bet if one of those rich Western firm hears about these three men they would want to send them a visa and right to work for them.

I would personally, look what they have built in their small backyard, look how every thing is functioning and smooth, look at the design and colours.

I am very impressed.

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Well another bunch of incompetent, corrupted guys, why they even bother placing their hands on the Quran, we all know where they going to end up --> corruption, deception, lies, abuse??

I think Somalilanders (people) should just ignore any thing called government all together, you are being fed by your relatives abroad, dont give them a share.

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Bravo mr Askar! I enjoyed reading that, Somalis talk so much about politics, X said this Y did this, finally something fresh, hard hitting and much needed!

Cheers Mr Askar, keep up the good and positive spirit. You are young and you have to play at your own league, that's what wise guys and girls do, and you definitely done that by addressing issues faced by the youth of today.

It all comes down to lack of role models, I agree. The media plays role in this because Somali youth dont have a clue how many educated and intelligent Somali men and women are out there, media only gives attention and coverage to warlords.

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The Science Academy has been constructed and Somalilandpress will cover the full official opening ceremony in the coming weeks. Once fully completed the school will be able to host 300 students at any given time.

The school is backed by multi-millionaire international investors but it will be non-profitable organisation or institute.

It will make huge difference to Somaliland education. Stay tuned.