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Has anyone noticed that we are planning to bomb nuclear reactors and nuclear refineries? When nuclear reactors have leaked at Chernobyl and Fukushima, that caused large areas of geography to be off-limits to human activity. We are planning to use bunker buster bombs to blow the contents of reactors into the atmosphere. And what is the region that will be off-limits afterwards? The Persian Gulf from where comes half of the world's oil. As soon as you hear that we have started a war on Iran, 1) go fill your gas tank, 2) go to the ATM and get lots of cash, 3) go buy canned goods, dried foods, and water, and 4) tell your family that you love them. Our attack on Iran will be the last military action we ever do, because afterwards the USA will not be a coherent, functioning society.

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The UN Charter, which the USA wrote and which we signed into law as a treaty, declares that it is illegal to attack a member nation or to threaten to attack a member nation. The US Constitution declares that treaties are the supreme law of the land. Thus, under US law, it is illegal to threaten to attack Iran. For Bush, or Rice, or McCain, or Obama to threaten Iran with "all options are on the table", that is a crime. Under US law. Unfortunately, the USA seems no longer to be a land with rule-of-law. This is one more example. If we must threaten Iran or actually attack Iran, then we should first withdraw from the United Nations. We should also withdraw from the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, since there we already agreed that Iran has an "inalienable right" to enrich uranium and develop nuclear technologies. "Inalienable" means that its right cannot be taken away under any conditions. Our politicians, our media, and the general public should realize that our Constitution makes our international treaties legally binding under our own domestic law.

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Thank you. I am ashamed that I have not been arrested. Maybe all Americans should seek arrest, and thus arrest the war machine.

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Thank you very much. I admire all three men that you have described: Byrd, Nader, and Paul. I am left progressive in most of my politics, and did vote for Nader twice. Paul is appealing to a progressive, mostly because of his goals of a) returning the USA to land with rule-of-law, and c) drastically down-sizing the Pentagon. And his whole demeanor is that of an honest person. His language lacks the polish and practiced phrasing of the marketing messages that come out of the mouths of most politicians. I would vote for Ron Paul. In any case, I am determined to vote for a third party, probably Green or Libertarian.

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Thank you for this analysis. It should have added that anticipatory wars for oil, as we have been experiencing for 2 decades, most recently in Libya, are also unhealthy for the soldiers and for the civilians in the war zones. Then there will be domestic resource wars, as people within nations start waring on each other, in order to access the declining resources. For example, the tax structures of many developed nations are now skewed to divert resources from the majority to a small minority. These kinds of conflicts will shift from political and financial conflict to violent conflict. Fortunately, the violence industries also rely on oil.

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Now that bin Laden is dead, if we believe the news reports, maybe the USA should bring focus on trying to catch the persons and organizations who put the demolitions into the 3 World Trade Centers that completely collapsed, at free-fall speeds, as if by demolition.

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Yes, thank you very much for this. The US is now, at this time, waging war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya. Five wars at once, killing people in their own communities, people who have not attacked the USA, have not threatened to attack the USA, and have no capability to attack the USA. Five optional wars. Five wars because we like to attack people. Five wars for fun and profit. And now Americans see this as "normal".

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Thank you very much for this. Ms. Rowley is an American hero, as Scott Horton. To care about the USA and to have the courage to publicly criticize the government, that is heroic.

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One more. Osama bin Laden may or may not have been responsible for putting demolitions into the 4 World Trade Center buildings that completely collapsed into their basements in seconds. That cannot happen. The buildings are designed to withstand crashes and fires. If it looks like demolition and quacks like demolition, then it is probably demolition.

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Thank you for this. If the war we won against Spain made us into imperialists, then the war we won against Germany made us into fascists (patriotic militarists whose purpose is to control the population and its resources for the purposes of promoting the corporate state). It would be tempting to say that the USSR made us into communists, no, but they did get us into war in Afghanistan and they did teach us that "true" is what the government says is true no matter how obviously false. The USSR was a workers' paradise, and the USA is the land of the free and the brave. Nations that lose wars learn something and get a cleansing of their political system. We need that.