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Maybe now my school will finally decide to switch to a better browser as the default across the network.

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With this herring...I'm going to shut you guys up.

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Broly's power is maximum.

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No guys, you're wrong, all wrong. Clearly, this is a screencap from Captain Falcon's latest appearance in a Japanese samurai movie.

In this scene, not only is he so badass that he drops his sword to fight with his bare fists and knees, but also badass enough to deliver a Falcon punch straight to his opponent's heart. Like in most samurai movies, Falco seems unharmed...until Falcon walks away, causing his entire chest to explode.

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As funny as this is, credit should be given where credit is due. The original .gif came from this YTMND:

Edits are hilarious.

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err, not a debug lobby, debug menu. Sorry, tired.

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Meh. Just because someone messes around in a debug lobby doesn't make them a noob, but whatever. Nothing I say or he says or whatever will convince you otherwise, clearly. :/

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Either way, lazor reported on it later in a blog.