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As a second chair leader much of what I do from day-to-day is assigned to me. What's frustrating is how often I will work on a task only to find that my boss already did it himself! Or when I have generally assigned duties like "communications" but he won't let me help him develop communication pieces or he edits minor details ("use March instead of 03" when stylistically the "03" was the right choice). It's hard working for someone who does not delegate well. It can sabatoge the organization and halt growth since everything has to pass through him. For example, all paid staff report to him - even clerical and custodial staff.

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Great article, Rhett. You correctly identify so many realities of Twitter - the disconnect that people have between the twitterverse and real life, the ability to continue the relational dialogue, and to connect with so many people simultaneously. Also agree with comment that not all should tweet (or blog!). I will refer our entire staff to this post. Thank you!

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Wow! Amazing!

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I am a back hair sufferer. Back, shoulders, arms. I never, NEVER, take my shirt off in public. My back frightens gown men and makes small children cry. Laser is too expensive and the nair for men only works for a week. What's a guy to do? I await your wisdom!

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Jesus loves me, AMAZING!

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I always go back in the house for something - keys, sunglasses, kindle, etc. I would go back if I left my wife (or kids) at home.

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Amazon. More books for my Kindle and for my wife's new Kindle.

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I like it! Nice call sister!! Much better than anything I suggested.

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Does anyone like to be micro-managed? I sure don't. It's demoralizing to have your work and creative juices fixed by someone who comes in mid-project. Give me the desired outcome and let me run with it. Great video!

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If I send them a copy of my book and they burn it (I'm sure they would!) do you think my sales would go up?