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White middle class people know what police abuse is. I find it hard to believe anyone can drive a car in America without being harassed by the cops at some point. Statements like "now you know what it’s like for the minorities, the homeless, the suspected drug users, or other members of the expendable class" are absurd, as is the idea we have somehow been ignoring police brutality against minorities all this time. Quite the contrary, it is rare for the media to cover police brutality against anyone but minorities, with the Occupy movement being an exception. Perhaps what you should be saying is "now you know that police brutality occurs against white people as well" and start questioning why discussion of police brutality by the mass media and the so-called "Left" is so one-sided.

A cynic (or realist, take your pick) could be forgiven for thinking this one-sided coverage of police brutality is engineered to generate anger and instigate riots, which drives white and black people apart. A more balanced presentation would show the problem is widespread, not exclusive to any one group and would tend to unite blacks and whites.

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Another cruise missile pseudo-leftist intellectual fraud. Anyone with half a brain knows the chemical attacks were staged by our Al Qaeda allies to serve as a causus belli for a US attack. After seeing what happened to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan Libya and other countries, anyone who can call for a US strike against Syria is a war-mongering barbarian shill.

I think we on the Left finally need to say fuck off once and for all to the comprador "intellectuals" posing as the "opposition" in the US and Western Europe. I encounter a lot of average Americans everyday who see right through the propaganda and bullshit being fed to them, but the bright shining lights of the professional left do little but echo mass media propaganda.

If you want a war in Syria go over there and join the rebels, you motherless scumbag coward. Don't ask my nephews and nieces to fight a war for you and your Zionist pals.

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Robosama is now operating out of Mali from his Ernst Blofeld (TM) prefab underground evil headquarters. He has an eraser and a bottle of white-out, and will soon be wiping Israel off the map unless we destroy Iran first.

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Hence his appeal to soft Zionists like Avnery. Thanks for producing a fact-based recital of Hagel's record rather than the usual wishful-thinking. It seems all you have to do to have credibility nowadays is incite the wrath of the Zionuts, real or imagined.

Fact is Hagel is the best choice for Zionist victory camouflaged as a Zionist defeat. They will get a man who represents their interests and tows the line as well as Obama, but whose successful appointment they can use as evidence that the Israeli lobby is nowhere near as powerful as sane people suggest. How can the Israeli lobby be powerful enough to goad us into wars completely against US interests if they can't even block the appointment of a man they claim to oppose? Easy, this whole imbroglio is a charade.

It's all smoke and mirrors as always. If Hagel were a true anti-Zionist (as all patriotic and civilized Americans must be) he couldn't get a job as dog-catcher of Bumfuk Kansas, let alone a position in O'Lackey's administration.

Hitler, Mussolini and Franco were all war heroes, too. Successful military service says nothing certain of a man's character save a willingness to obey orders.

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As the kids would say, bad hasbara is bad.

Try again under another alias.

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When do we start telling these people to go fuck themselves and leave it at that? They deserve no more response than a swift backhand to the face.

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There are no liberals or conservatives in the mass media. There are only neocon and neoliberal shills whose propaganda is directed at liberals, conservatives or fascists, as the case may be. They are all selling the same line of BS.

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Are people still peddling this ludicrous fiction that the neocons are sincere in their claim to be spreading democracy? What a bloody farce. The professed support for democracy by the neocons has always been nothing more than a cynical means to manipulate the American public into supporting their barbaric agenda.The only thing the neocons are interested in is destroying the Middle East to make it safe for Israeli hegemony. That and bleeding the US dry with the aid of their bankster allies to enrich themselves and pay for their crimes.

"The idea that Strauss was a great defender of liberal democracy is laughable. I suppose that Strauss’s disciples consider it a noble lie. Yet many in the media have been gullible enough to believe it."

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The Times running a story like this? Somebody is angry Obama didn't deliver the war on Iran he promised. They are using his servitude to the elite as a weapon against him. How cute.

The selection committee has decided and Shit Onme will be our next Chief Water Boy. This is all the proof you need.

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Except the US government is a serial killer that isn't conflicted about it's killing others in the slightest. Our foreign policy is not to help people, it is to destroy them. The pretense that our government gives a shit or agonizes over its mistakes is propaganda for the masses, not a reflection of the mindset of our leaders.