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Getafe are toast, reff reuined the game with a soft PK after an even start. What terrible reffs la liga have

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OMG i cant believe you traitors, calling villa better than eto'o?????????????...... some of you are morons. Eto'o did so much and more for this club. And all he gets is a slap in the fance from some of you fake fans

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I could make the case that one of those defenders should have gone to the line, Palop actually played great today. The blame should go to Negredo. 2 great chances

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sevilla missed perroti and kanuote. Capel looked clueless out there and was constantly playing bad balls. While Negredo proved the flop he is, kanuote would have buried that chance, plus he had one half chance in the first half where he foolishly decided to try and cut back on his left foot rather than kick it with his right. Sevilla deserved a draw but their injuries caved them in.

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Forget dani alvez, players come and go

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man ur on the net, useless question

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or even copenhaggen

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I hope we get marsielle or roma

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Less than 10% of our budget??? We make loads of money you know, but we do stupid things with it. 30 mill is chicken feed compared to our budget, we make 140 mill alone on tv revenue. This sponsorship thing wasnt needed, just stop wasting the money