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This is a terrible and sad tragedy. As a father, my heart goes out to the parents of these children. However, All the people calling for parents to be on top of their kids 24/7 is ridiculous. We as parents cannot always be there to protect them. You can teach your child everything you think they will ever need to know and it will never be enough. We as parents cannot always be there to protect them for their whole life. Children need to be able to learn about and explore their world. They should not be locked in doors, coddled, and protected all the time. They need to be allowed to learn their limitations on their own. The best thing we can ever do for our kids is to teach them all we know and be there for them when they need us.

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"He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself." -Thomas Paine

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Yes, they are always out there waiting to attack and strike us at any moment. We must be ever vigilant and must always suspect everyone. We can't even trust our own friends and family. We are not safe anymore.

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Oh God!! Everyone lock yourselves in doors!! It's not safe to go outside anymore!!! I'm so scared, please God and government save us!!!

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Why is it that all the drug war violence isn't treated as, and labeled as a form of terrorism?

Isn't it cute how they are conditioning the kids to be good little citizens and turn in there toy guns.

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If anyone is robbing the general public it is the banks. Oh how the poor banks suffer! They get to create money out of thin air and then charge interest on it. And when they recklessly loan money to people they know cannot pay it back, they just get the government to bail them out. No one should tolerate or respect the crooked institution of banking as it is established in this country.

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Bullshit, I am a law abiding citizen no record whatsoever and cops harass me all the time. I haven't even had a traffic ticket in over 8 years. Fortunately, there are supreme court rulings that allow law abiding citizens such as myself to defend themselves by any means necessary to resist unlawful arrest should the need arise.

Whenever people need the police, they always arrive too late and after the fact. Citizens need to start accepting personal and social responsibility and police themselves, we'd all be better off. Police have uses but are largely a drain on tax payers and society.

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say that after they harass for no reason multiple times

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....daddy was a bank robber but he never hurt nobody, he just loved to live that way and he loved to steal your money....

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There is a direct correlation between poor education and poverty, and a similar link to poverty and crime. It all ties in.