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Namaste Agniveer Ji,
Thank you very much for this reply.
Yes now I understand that, their view about women is in comparision with Bible. Ok I got it now.
I am refering Quran and crosschecking the verses from all your article, for my reference purpose, and challenging who challenge my Dharma.

This is a very excellent website to get loaded with the weapons of wisdom.

May Ishwar give you more and more strength to expose this fraud.

Dhanyawad Sir.

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Agniveer Ji. It is a very nice article.
But I am confused here.
When I used to speak some Pakistani Muslims (they deeply know about Islam, Quran and Hadiths) in UK, they every time tell me that Quran gives highest respect to Women, and when asked prophet who is the second after Allah said two times your mother and third time your father. Ok that is right.
But why they do skip all the above information? Do they purposley hiding this information?

Please remove my confusion.


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Namaste didi.
Yes, we acknowledge that this was and still is happening in some part of India. But we all are working to eradicate these in humane practices by educating people.
We never recognize them as a religious thing. Please try to understand.

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I am also waiting for Sister Maria's comment.
I like the way she reply to these comments.

Please sister, reply soon.

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Dear Agniveer Ji,
Another excellent article. Very logical and nice explanation about the wrong arguments.
I like this line,' Even on, no Muslim could challenge the huge number of loopholes in Islam that were brought to fore.'
AGNIVEER is a very effective medium through which we can show the True Path to our fellow Muslims who are blindly following their sect called islam.

Thank you Agniveer Ji, well done.

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Wow....Absolutely Brilliant.

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Brother Vik,
Very nice reply for the kaaba being the center of the map.

I do not know, why these guys claim such nonsence and non scientific claims?
This suggest that they are just blindly following wihout using rationality.

I guess, they are not allowed to use their brain and challenge these claims.

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Dear Brother Azzi, I respect you sentiments towards your belief system. But please please use the rationality in writing something like that, 'kaaba is in center of the world map'. I am not justified with this stupid claim. This means someone is feeding you and you even not bothered to think on it ligically.
Come on yaar...

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Come on guys, grow up.
One of the major philosophical challenge faced by exclusivist religions is the question: If there is only one God, how can there be more than one exclusivist religion? So either one of them is right and rest are wrong, or more likely, all are wrong.
In philosophical language, this is termed as 'playing one religion against another'.

Here we have to think that, the theme, prophets of these religions, wants to promote may be universal but the manner in which it is portrayed and translated into practice has to relate to the people it is dealing with, and as such, has to be 'contextual' and cannot be called 'absolute'. Every religion was contexualized by the prophet to fit the requirement of that particular society. It cannot be otherwise. He cannot talk in an absolute terms.

It is very important that this idea is appreciated and incorporated by exclusivist religions, as it grants validity and dignity to every other approach in spirituality. Otherwise, we are seeing everyday in the newspaper, the violence and bloodshed in the name of religion and exclusivity on God.

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Even the Christians claim the same thing: 'I am the way and truth and life. No-one comes to the Father except through me', [John14.6]. With this claim, there are more than 4 Bil non-christian, they are destined to go to hell. Ok
Muslims say, Islam is true religion, islam is the only religion which is accepted by god , considering this claim, more than 5 Bil non-muslims are destined to go to hell.

Bhagavad Gita which is much older than Bible and Quran says,' Resigning all your duties to Me, the all-powerful and all supporting Lord, take refuge in Me alone; I shall absolve you of all sins, worry not', [Ch 18, V 66].
Hindus have the same thing in their scriptures, but they say, no no, it has a contexual meaning. This is not meant for the people who does not follow the path of Dharma. See the sincearity.