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What an insightful article. In busting their propaganda game, the anti-Israel's have their cheap tactics exposed and turned against them.

Might I also add that a large number of the "hate Zion" pro-PLO/hamas crowd are actually "Islam Firsters" who ultimately have no historic or national affiliation called "Palestine", and definitely not to the US. Palestine is the name of the land designated for Israel, in the same era and way that the Arab principalities were created, but the arab Imperialists stole the name and tried to steal the land. They got most of it, but not all. And that's the problem. Zionism mean that Israel exists as a Jewish Country. That is the real "crime" those who mourn the "nabka" seek to remedy - the Jews had the gall to survive the attempts at genocide by the arabs.

Interesting how people who's hearts are with hamas call Jews "Zionazis" and "traitors" when the heros of the PLO and Hamas are the REAL nazis. The "nabka" celebrates a failed genocide. Islam and the Nazis have joined forces in genocide, before, during and after World War Two, and today with the neo-nazis in their lying tactics. The US public see through your BS and stands with Israel. We know who killed RFK.

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I thought your headline meant Zbig was complementing Obam and admired both...

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More than you realize...obviously.

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Does this mean you want to personally help throw homosexuals off rooftops?

or maybe, something about that religion has to change?

You, sir, are not an honest person. However, you are doing a good job of convincing people that your position is totally unsupportable and irrational. On the other hand, I will not give aid and comfort (rationalizations and excuses) to murderers.

Keep talking, you reveal yourself...

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Doers this mean you have a reading and comprehension problem? Or, do you just like to try to put words in people's mouths to avoid dealing with the substance and seek to divert the conversation away from uncomfortable truths?

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I think it is accurate to say that observant muslins, fundamentalist muslins, who follow the actual words and teachings of their books and sharia law, are philosophically aligned with terrorists who act out on those teachings that teach things like "kill the jews and christians", throw homosexuals off of rooftops, and kill apostates (those who choose to leave the religion).

Do you deny that these are the teachings or are you unaware of what their books and religious leaders actually say?

I think saying that it was muslins who attacked the US is totally accurate. I think saying that the muslins who attacked the US did so because they were following the teaching of their religion and leaders is totally accurate. They are not misunderstanders, and anyone who tries to whitewash the truth that saying they have somehow hijacked a peaceful religion are being manipulative and deceptive, or dealing from a position of hopeful ignorance because the harsh truth is so 'unbelievable' to a modern civilized person.

Nobody is saying "all" muslins are terrorists. Many are beginning to understand that islan is a hate filled and violent cult that follows a murderous profiteer who is ungodly.

The problem with the apologist position is that observant muslins would kill me for speaking the truth if they had the chance, and they do indeed murder others continuously throughout the world with unfortunate regularity.

Why in the world would you support and defend such genocidal murderers?

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You leave out the one important element: one religion is an ideology that dictates violence, the other speaks against violence. Doesn't it matter that the book they revere contains multiple calls for violence and genocide, and these dictates are directly acted upon? Have you bothered to read the words?

She needed to be asked what motivate the "terrorists". And, no, it is not only the existence of Israel and US foreign policy. The underlying motive is fulfilling the supremacy of thier ideology, and the use of violence to achieve their goals.

Theirs is a genocidal ideology. Sad to say, but NOT saying so does not change the reality of it...

it is not about the color of skin and "whites". Its is about the color of their hearts, and their adherence to the Black Flag profiteer who set the perfect example by using torture on POWs, no not harmless waterboarding, but please go and read about setting burning coals on a man's chest in order to find his hidden treasure. Go read it, I could not make this stuff up.

O'Reilly should have pulled out a book and just started reading to her "have you heard this before?"...

the moral equivalence is pathetic if one has any depth of background.

Please go and read some.

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These are not "Ethics" violations - these are CRIMINAL violations.

He deserves expulsion AND a prison term / fine.

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That's why it should be named:

The Mosk of Triumphal Reconciliation.

Do folks understand what 'reconciliation" really means in the muslin world? As in, when Copts are attacked in Egypt, and FORCED to accept "reconciliation", meaning, you can't file any charges.


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A "win-win" for fundamentalist islam is the goal of this provocation.

We are weak and they are winning if we allow it and we are hated bigots if we stop it...

I don't think they ever really meant to build it, since they have no money.

It is a provocation seeking to divide America. Well, at least they have managed to cause a separation between the President and the American people.