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I loved the cinematography in Manhunter, especially the framing of the tiger scene, and the empty houses of the victims.

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Call this the Seinfeld Shutdown, for it turns out it too was a "show about nothing."

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These reports are all coming from one source so far. I don't for a minute doubt the barbarism & savagery of Al-Shabaab, but I think I'll wait for corroboration before believe this report.

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Nazism was based on racial hatred, while socialism is based on class hatred. By the 1930s, racism was becoming an atavism, whereas the Depression had given socialism renewed appeal to the herd of independent minds. The Nazis never claimed to be slaughtering their millions for the salvation of all mankind. So the luckless victims of socialism were done in on a more resplendent altar in a better-attended political temple.

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"Entire House Of Lords Beheaded in St. James Square; Police Brace For Backlash" -- Guardian headline of the future

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"Unless we let the terrorists win, the terrorists will have won."

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The administration's actions seem to me to have been those of amateurs, not machiavellians, and the disaster & aftermath were the result of muddle, not malice. The hearings are an attempt to ding up Hillary's electability for '16, and maybe also payback for the 9/11 Commission Hearings.

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He fell for what must have seemed a prize witticism, before the rest of his brain engaged.

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I'd love to one day observe an academic conference, where they all declare that reality is a social construct and meaning is an illusion, and then watch them bicker over the bill in a restaurant afterwards.

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How's that cultural cringe towards Islam working out for you, Danes?