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More like 'Operation Enduring Israel's Lobby'.

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Let's be honest (for once): One of the reasons Russia is making inroads in the Middle East is that it's perceived as fair arbiter of disputes in the region. That means, unlike the U.S., Russia isn't carrying the water for insider interests like Israel and the Saudi royal family. Juggling all those strategic pineapples and Indian clubs has reduced America to status of militant go-fer in one of the most volatile regions of the world. And Russia's policy in Syria simply seems more sane than that of the U.S. and its "allies" in the Levant and Arabia. We've tried regime change in Iraq and Libya - to catastrophic results. With this latest "no-fly zone over Syria" stupidity, we're doing the same thing and expecting a different result. That's Einstein's definition of insanity.

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In between martial misadventures, our media monsters stay in practice with phony anti-Semitic pogroms in Europe and "vigilante cops" shooting down poor gentle giants over here. When will we realize that anti-Semitism means anything Jews don't like, racism is a ruse two guilt-trip pliable - and bountiful - whites, and hate crimes are "I saw something on the Internet I didn't like".

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...Or reaction of the faithful slightly less theatrical?

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Where were they last summer, when Israel was massacring children in Gaza?

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Higher education should be THE place for controvery, for debate, for free and open exchange of ideas. Our colleges and university, on the contrary, have become Stalinist re-education camps where throught crimes are punished rigorously to achieve numb conformity pressed by idiots to support the ridiculous.

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Are you implying that all Middle America is anti-Semitic? If so, where are the atrocities, where are the assaults and destruction. Where are all the Middle-American cossacks hiding, waiting to chase you up and down Fifth Avenue? Where is any real crisis here - other than in depths of your imagination?

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Great post, as usual, but why single out WASPs as pro-war 75 years ago? Surely there were other groups involved. WASPs have become virtually every political pundit's go-to bad guys. And... yeah... I'm WASP and don't have that thin a skin.

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How many Hungarians died under communist oppression?

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"...Pervasive war-weariness among the US electorate, clearly indicated by strong public support for Obama's choice of diplomacy over missile strikes to dismantle Syrias chemical weapons arsenal."

This is backwards. Obama and his administration were steered from attacking Syria by polls tracking wildly against such a move, which undoubtedly would burden America with yet another pointless war. This was the first time a war for Israel's sake was stopped by Joe and Joan Lunchbucket.