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The 12' Powerbook G4 that I am typing from has a well worn top case...

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Both of you are off! Haven't you heard - it's no longer "Dominion", the name has changed to "Metro".

Considering the stupidity of this argument, I just want to make clear that I have never been employed by this particular grocery chain, though I most certainly have been a shopper!

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The one thing I would say about Harper is that he has had some amazing luck with externals factors that have helped change the channel. The death of Osama the evening before voting without a doubt helped the Conservative cause (though to be clear, by no means am I suggesting that they would have lost without that event). The luck is at times so uncanny, I have to naturally suspect witchcraft... ;)

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lol - dementor's kiss was the first thing that crossed my mind!

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So sad that Glen Pearson lost his seat - he really was a stand-up guy who went beyond partisanship.

Whoever doesn't think that every vote counts, take a look at Etobicoke Centre.
Incumbent Liberal Borys Wrzesnewskyj lost his seat by 26 votes, with 52630 people voting.
Those stray Liberals who could not be bothered to vote must be kicking themselves...

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Ummmmm.... awkward....

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Ack, thwwwp!

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Are you a tech geek version of Inigo Montoya?

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While waiting for the subway today, I ran into Mephistopheles, and we started talking Canadian politics. He strongly implied that Iggy agreed to the standard transaction for Bloc support. True story.

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Huh? The Liberals are forming a coalition with you? Can I get a citation please....