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Thanks for the comment Carl,

Yes I was pretty unimpressed with the initial service. Come to think of it, I didn't receive much service from anyone the whole time that I was there. I am a pretty low maintenance traveler though.

The best service we got was from the poor housekeeper who we asked to help us order a pizza delivery over the phone. It took us a while but we finally got what we wanted. She was a little flustered but we gave her a nice tip to make up for her time.

Front desk wouldn't let the pizza guy through though. Nor would they bring it to the room. They made me come down to the lobby to pay and pick it up.

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It could be an innovation in technology; the world's first coin operated elevator.

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Thanks for the heads up. I have fixed the links and they all should be working now.

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It looks like Agoda has made some changes recently and you can only contact them by phone if you have a reservation number. When you call their "customer support" line, you get an automated menu announcement. If you have your Agoda booking number that you would have received in the conformation email, you can proceed on the phone call, otherwise you cannot.

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Hi Ace,
From the contents of the email you have posted here it looks like you should have received a full refund.
This was a few months ago, can you give us an update on your situation and if you did indeed get a refund after cancelling with no problems?


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Thanks for your comment.

I personally called and then visited every hotel on the list to verify if they would allow pets.

Since publishing this post I have had feedback that the Millennium Hilton did not allow pets and I have been in contact with them twice and am still waiting on a satisfactory reply. In fact I am about to take them off this list.

All the info posted about these hotels was correct at the time of posting and I welcome any comments from readers who have had any experience otherwise. Also, if you know any other pet friendly hotels in Bangkok, please let me know.

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Thanks you for stopping by, I'm glad you enjoyed the blog.

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Sorry, I don't know what happened, but I have fixed it now.
Thanks for letting me know.

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Thanks Nan,

I had a "Duh!" moment yesterday afternoon when I noticed that too.
I redid them and uploaded them again, so if you download again you should get the corrected version.

Thanks again.

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I'm very sorry to hear about the trouble that you went through with your pet at Millennium Hilton.
While researching this blog post I called each hotel on the list and confirmed via telephone the policies of each hotel. I specifically remember the Hilton because they were rare in that they said there was no limit to the size of the pet.

I also asked the senior sales manager in person when I was there in December to review the hotel and she assured me that pets were welcome.

Of course hotels can and do change their policies and I apologize for not keeping the information in this post up to date.

I will contact the Millennium Hilton today and make a correction later today to the info in this blog post.

If you don't mind me asking, what kind of pet do you have, and what did you end up doing that night? Were you able to find a reasonably acceptable solution to the problem?

Once again, sorry for the considerable inconvenience.