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I'm sporting a 'Riker' at the moment, so that gets a solidarity vote, but I gotta say that the Chester A. Arthur would be rather classy.

Side note: Looking at the Bea Arthur makes me think that you'd be okay with no facial hair (a somewhat radical change, granted, but I'm just sayin').

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I keep trying to think of a brilliantly horrid pairing, but I'm continually distracted by the fact that tacking '[a]dactyl' to the end of anything and everything makes it infinitely cooler... sounding. TRACTORDACTYL, by the way, is now my new favorite multi-use, non-offensive exclamation.

Two brothers. One whose father was a human and one whose father was a chupacabra.
One mother. A pteradactyl.
WHICH... ruthless creature wants to ruthlessly destroy the earth? And which hopeful one wants to hopefully save it?
WHEN... can humans safely rise from the safety of their underground safe houses?
HOW... could a female flying reptile ever hope to hide two non-flying, non-reptilian men from each other?
WHO... dares to change the channel?
WHERE... is Bruce Campbell when we need him?
WHY... do we get the feeling that if Joss Whedon had thought of this, it'd be PURE GOLDEN AWESOME?
HOW... the hell do we sleep at night knowing what atrocious acts we must commit to get this stuff produced?
FIND OUT... tomorrow night on SyFy.

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YAY!! Congratulasplosions (tm The Other Josh) to Eli and Denise!! I'm very glad that those of us on this side of the interwebs get to share in such a happy occasion. All the best to you both, you Fanciest Of Bastards. :)

Here are the two things taking up the most space in my brain at this exact moment:

Eli telling Denise to tweet at his face because she's so distraught, and The original (long) version of the spoken word intro of "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince.

Beyond that odd glimpse into my psyche, a perfect geek wedding would certainly depend on the geek, but Steampunk Star Wars (hell, Steampunk anything) would be rather fantastic. With an actual Firefly-style Shindig (complete with sword fight, fisticuffs, and a levitating chandelier!) as the reception, of course.