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The CIA has already proven what brilliant (sic) operatives they are. When have they ever been wrong?

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Although I've know about the incident for some time, I think most people don't so I hope this story gets the reading it deserves.

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Why not help? You can send billions to help the nazi Israeli's why not France? At least France never attacked a naval vessel

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Although I am saddened to see the horrible corruption of the entire political structure I am not surprised. Ultimately, the sheeple are to blame for tolerating this. Only when the people organize among themselves, ignore party affiliations and refuse to vote the aipac ticket, and begin thinking for themselves, will the madness end.

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Powell's conduct was disgraceful, but he is not worse than the others. The entire government is composed of people just like him, spineless, lying opportunists.

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Seems like the war on terror, and the "isolating" of the axis of evil is reaping uninteded consequences. Maybe it's time to back off, before something much worse happens.

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Blind support for Israel has cost America it's reputation in the international arena, as has all the euphamisms and self serving hypocricy. But the problem is not likely to get any better until the people elect someone that is not a selfish, superficial windbag. The people need to wake up, but alas, it's not likely to happen