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you are a realist. i love apple but also realize that i have been had.

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imagine the possibilities of a keytar with an x/y/z sensor.

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i 2nd. very impressive.

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very yes on every level. +1.25

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i agree that the bashing is counterproductive. its the same atmosphere as different crowds clashing at a concert fighting over which band is best. tiesto uses ableton, basshunter uses fl, tpain uses garageband and i seriously doubt they fight over which daw is best. you are right about the workflow being important also. i use live and it for me is much quicker to get my thoughts down than other daws i have used. our differences make us human.

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this poll is a massive win for everyone. the 'controversy' surrounding it is driving crazy amounts of traffic to the site racking up revenue via sites such as zzounds. more revenue equals continued coverage of all things i care about. +3.14

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we are all bs. i am a firm believer that the 'genuine' musicians play with heart minus controlled electronics ie paganini, claypool, vai and the like. electronic 'versions' of these guys exist but they lurk in the shadows as producers. there are those in between such as brian eno. i use live exclusively and absolutely hate fruity loops but i wont bash it based feelings. its just not for me. if someone can make amazing music with it i admire them because i cant do the same. bashing only bashes you but as we for now still have free speech i wont bash you for hating on my beloved ableton. people tend to show respect to those that show respect. peace.

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i want to possibly do what i can to straighten this out a bit. this may take a *sec*.

i am a die-hard fan of ableton live as i run 8.1.1 with live for max on both my pcs and mac. i used to think it could do anything any other daw could but i have recently found things that even fruity loops can do that my beloved live cannot.

for whatever reason live 'works' better with windows xp than vista and even 7. many plugins i have simply refuse to show up in live + vista and even less work with live + 7 but asio works flawlessly. with xp every plugin i can throw at it has zero flaw at all but asio is rust compared to vista and 7. so it is a toss up and you really need to experiment with what might work for you when considering live. os x is sort of a give and take in every direction - whatever you can get to work in real time seems to pull from the latency of another. ?. i havent gotten it to work in os 9 or even tried 8 or 7.5 as that seems just nostalgically waxing.

as for any other daw i have experimented with (fruity loops, logic, cubase, reason, garageband) they have never had the latency give and take (after initial setup) or vst/au/dxi/etc... plugins that ableton needs.

i hope this helps at least a bit.

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this + an eigenharp just might make the best 2 man band of the sensory electronic era.

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this is not a promo. its a 'quick' consolidation of the dvd 'instruction manual' that comes with it. i would rather pay to play a friends yamaha ax-7 than get one of these things for free. it look sub-par and the 'tones' are complete bs. if they are striving to sell to parents wanting to give the gift of music to their 7 year old for christmas this year because they never had an inkling of talent (more likely interest of lack of adhd) then they will win big time. as elisabeth in the post before me said -
"I want to be able to play an instrument, and be able to experience a musical lifestyle." Yikes. yikes is right.

im not sure why this post makes me angry but i assure you it is not at you mr. synthhead. i am glad to say this one rose the anger within me as i cannot remember a previous post on here that has.