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Here's what I found. Playing with the idea of colorado, altho I do like oregon waaaay better than colorado, so I hope it's there :)

All In the Family Cleaning Services
3576 East 135th Court, Denver, CO 80241-1428
(303) 427-2800

All In the Family Pet Sitting
17202 Cornerstone Lane, Parker, CO 80134-9176
(303) 841-1146

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I have a small kitchen in my condo right now and I'm an in aw of what she just showed me. I'm a mother and a wife that is ALWAYS in the kitchen stewing up something. I love all those ideas! can't wait to see what is in store here!

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ha ha no I've never heard that one before! My husband makes fun of me for a lot of things I say, he's always like "I've never heard that word or expression in my life" but i've been saying it all my life lol That's what happens when you mix west coast with the east coast.

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So when I saw the "new" blog I immediatly went to check it out... when I realized i had seen it a while back I decided to check out and see if anything new was on the pro website and found the floor plans, came back to the blog all excited and realized you guys were way ahead of me! lol :)

I am wicked excited about this house... and if you are gonna live in New England you should get used to hearing that word, my husband still makes fun of me for saying it :)

I can not wait to snuggle up on the couch with the little one or with a book and a hot cup of cocoa with fluff in it. I think I'm gonna need to learn how to ski though lol Lived in NE my whole life and in Big Bear and never learned how to ski! Looks like if I win I'll have to get over that fear!

I am not looking forward to cleaning that ski dorm bathroom though! lol j/k

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Here's some light reading on Stowe, VT found on wikipedia,_Vermont

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I didn't see this last time I was on the site but I just looked at it. I'm super excited now! I can NOT wait until the house is finished! I saw the architect's portfolio. I loved everything. It gave me a great idea of what he does. All the houses looked nice and roomy. Between his portfolio and his inspirations, I'm really looking forward to this house and now I know I NEED to see this house in person when it's done. I should start setting up a carpool now! lol :)

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I hear you about being bad enough just looking at the photos and floor plans but being able to see it in person was something I wasn't going to pass up. :) the GH was under an hour to get to from where I live but stowe is almost 5 hours so it's gonna have to be a whole day trip! :)

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to be honest it was smaller than what was on the screen. well at least it seemed that way. But you get to see so many little details you can't see on a computer screen or tv. and the master bathroom was way cooler in person. the staircase was beautiful, something definitely needed to be seen in person. I felt very privileged to be able to see the house in person. there were a few people there, they only let a few people during certain times come in. I live in cape cod so it wasn't far to go to plymouth but vt is a little bit more of a drive but I like driving so maybe I can get someone to come with me for the long drive. at least i hope so! :)

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I have to say the first picture is my favorite. I don't know if it's because it reminds me of a treehouse or disney world that gives me a childish glow about me when I think of a house disigned like that. I'm very excited to see the finished work. I drove to plymouth for the green home tour, I wonder if my husband minds if I go to VT to take the tour of this house! All I know is I'm excited to think about it!

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Ok well I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before but I've heard a lot of talk about ice cream in the blogs (probably due to all this heat). My husband and I thought of going to Stowe for our honeymoon and while looking for things to do we found this: a ben and jerry's factory. So if your a fan this definitely looks like a great place to check out. It's only 20 minutes south of Stowe.