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here is more nitty gritty that I did http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl-kaZIsXJE

Also Vietnam and Afghanistan were not about trying to win wars. They were about making perpetual conflict for perpetual profit. The longer the better. Not for the nation (the populous), but for the arms industries that run the foreign policy.

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here is more nitty gritty that I did http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yl-kaZIsXJE

and here is some extra on the DOD at the time. Because Thomas White, Gordon England and James Roche all should have their feet to the fire as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCraLQoy41I

Ryan Dawson

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I said from the start and was vindicated, that the anthrax attacks initially blamed on the 911 hijackers was not part of that attack. Someone had that sitting ready. Someone knew... But i'm not going to hijack this thread by getting into a 911 piss fight. I think maybe it was allowed to happen. Not the total destruction but the planes hitting. Not sure if they all knew what would happen after.It's healthy to allow questions.

come over here and discuss www.rys2sense.com/anti-neocons no kooks no "illuminati" bullshit just facts.

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I vote for tar and feathers :) Gaffney really is shameless, between him Kissinger and Perle I can't decide who is the most demonic. I'll throw Cheney in there for fourth place.

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Sibel you can get my contact from Scott. I've been wanting to talk to you a long time.

I'm glad I "get it" because I was just talking about your case Monday on another radio show. (I've been on Scott show before too, but to talk about Russian oligarchs.) It's like you said in the interview. Americans don't know anything about Central Asia. They really don't know much about the old USSR either. Russia's old minister of fuel and energy Vagit Alekperov's LUKoil (Langepas, Urai and Kogalym) in Azerbaijan is what originally butted out the Western bids on Bakku and foiled plans for the control of the BTC line. That's another reason for the presence in Turkey and Azerbijan. It's wasn't until the Azer coup (Ilham Aliyev) and the US putting Mercs in Azerbaijan that plan could move forward. It's part of why we're over there. (Perle set up Blackwater with it's first real job to guarding those lines back in the 90s). But a typical American, even an educated intelligent person will still say, Where is Azerbaijan? And who is Alekperov? What's a BTC?

This is where we have to start explaining things, so I feel your pain, in having to give out so much preliminary background before you can even start on an issue that it would usually eat up a common radio interview. But it has to be done. And I fear your prediction is true. Central Asia will be the Middle East in 10 years. I just hope those color coded revolutions will be exposed one day. I've got some more dirt of the "PNAC neocons" Perle, Feith, Wolfowitz etc.

Part of that is the public's fault but most of it is because it's just not in the press. And the media and public school systems ignore it. So people don't even know what to ask.

I'd also like the vouch for translators. I'm good friends with a Translator in Japan and I can tell you that half the time they are translating and half the time they are educating the people who are supposed to know things on the area they are involved in, on what is going on. They know more about the subjects than the agents sometimes. Our intelligence is not as professional as Hollywood makes it out to be.

by the way have you approach NHK in Japan about your story? I bet they'd run a piece on it. Especially now with the new government.

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NO they found nano thermite which is meaningless because all that is is a fancy word for common rust with aluminum. And on the nano level OF course that's going to be there it the most common two metals. If you were going to bring a tower down the easiest way would be C4, or just blow the base out with a truck bomb the way they tried to do in 93. Thermite is very hard to ignite. But the way they came down shows that something was swiftly knocking out floors from the top down and the bottom up. I'm going to go with C4 and TNT reason being the Israeli were caught with vans full of both on the day of 9/11. I mean why focus on the towers when people working for Mossad were caught with explosives on a bridge? I mean what the hell. 3 different vans one with traces of explosives and peple, one with no people but an explosive device, and one with both explosives and people who were arrested but then quickly deported thanks to the state depo and JD.

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excellent interview.

Remember that Scowcroft, Baker, Kissinger, etc had all been working through IAI (International advisers Inc) set up by Douglas Feith and Richard Perle.

Sibel said "They had arrangements with Kissinger’s group, with Northrop Grumman, with former secretary of state James Baker’s group, and also with former national security adviser Brent Scowcroft"

That's exactly the same as the UACC of Azerbaijan. (sometimes called AACC)
I quote Jeremy Scahill's book on Blackwater which touched on these "adviser rings" p174 Blackwater

...an organization formed in 1995 to "facilitate and encourage trade and investment in Azerbaijan" ... It's council of Advisors" [same as IAI and ATC] James Baker, Henery kissinger, Brent Scowcroft, John Sununu. And with Richard Perle as a trustee."

You see what is going on. Perle and Feith were just setting up "advisory councils" under the flag of trade and defense for foreign countries, but in reality they were just acting as arms dealers on one end and lobbyist on the other to funnel money through these mediums to build the MIC and get personal gains. But they were beyond just lobbyist, they were pentagon employees and used the positions to blackmail colleagues, spy on the US, and generate lies spoon fed to willing moles in the media to create a war with Iraq and then Iran.

Perle also set himself of as an arms "adviser" to Israel and Feith has an Israeli Firm Feith and Zell which worked out contracts for Northrop Grumman who he is also employed for as an attorney. Northrop also employs Wolfowitz as an "adviser."

The ATC, IAI, ACCU, are all the same groups and all using Perle and Feith as the go betweens.
Like I explain in how they bleep you, "Advisers" and "Consultants" are just easy ways for companies to to stick an inside person on their pay roll and reward them for their political business dealings.

I'd like Sibel to talk about IAI if she is aware of it. In the Balkins, and Central Asia and Israel, Perle and Feith created these arms rings. Conflict creates cash. In Turkey it was the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds, in Israel its the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, etc etc each hot zone gets an advisor ring. It's all about weapons sales.

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Pass HR 1207

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Love the title USSA. That was my first book, "Welcome to the USSA" from 2005 predicting an economic collapse and comparing it to the USSR.

Karzai was a former Unocal employee and his very first piece of legislation he put through the day after he was installed was a contract to allow Unacol to get the pipeline for the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan project.