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Mr. Buchanan,

I am not a fan of you personally, or of your views, but here, you are 100% correct.


Ruslan Tokhchukov.

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The US and English governments, heavily infested with pathological anti-Semites, had deliberately slowed down the war effort to give Hitler more time to murder Jews. That was the reason behind the replacement as the Supreme Commander of an experienced military man Bernard Montgomery with the lackey Dwight Eisenhower who had never commanded a unit in combat but was "accomodating" to political leaders.
The criminals gave Hitler the opportunity to regroup and brutally strike at the American troops.
Anti-Semitism killed 20,000 American GI's at the Bulge.
Ruslan Tokhchukov.

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Gaddafi was always the US government's favorite fool for beating, the US taking it out on him and Libya because it had no guts to take on the Palestinians, Syrians and Iran, the real serial mass-murderers of Americans. This was encouraged by the rest of the Arabs, with a wink and a nod, because of Gaddafi's propebsity to personally dis and insult other Arab leaders. By covering up Lockerbie, Bush I administration covered up the huge US involvement in aiding jihad. An honest FBI agent Robert Wright tried to tell the truth writing a book. And guess what? It was banned as was "Trail of the Octopus", as was Sibel Edmonds' right to speak out at all. __Ruslan Tokhchukov, EnragedSince1999.

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Nobody except Israel. But Israel is being restrained by Coward Country USA, Coward Country USA, Coward Country USA! The only thing this disgraceful nation of ours is good for is murdering Serb Christians and brutally eradicating Christianity from Kosovo to please the Muslims.
Ruslan Tokhchukov, EnragedSince1999.

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The real killer is not that Libyan, it is a Palestinian terrorist leader Ahmed Jibril, Palestinian Muhammad Abu Talb, Syrian Col. Haitem Said, and Iran who is behind it all. The whole thing was covered up by George H. W. Bush and James A. Baker III to prevent people from learning that it happened while the CIA and the US military so-called "intelligence", the DIA were working as mules for Syrian and Palestinian terrorists transporting heroin into the US for them. Read "The Trail of The Octopus", if you can get it (it is banned in the US, in a totalitarian way).
Ruslan Tokhchukov, EnragedSince1999.

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Hugh, buddy, can you do me a favor?
You have a better chance of reaching Paul than I do. Can you bring us together? I want to explain to him my vision in detail, with Rudy running for prez, Paul as his running mate, and Steven Emerson with his owesome Investigative Project will take over the Department of Homeland Security.
I'll appreciate it even more than the threads of Russian music you have treated me to (=:
Ruslan Tokhchukov, StillEnragedSince1999, But Now Determined To Do Something About It.

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Both the Democratic and the Republican parties are rotten to the core and through the core. The horror of the Republican primary voters' rejection last year of the great Rudy Giuliani that led to the triumph of Obamus Carterus made me give up on the Republican Party for good. __Folks! Contact an American hero Paul Sperry at & suggest he contact Rudy to form the Center Party that will attract the frustrated sensible middle from both parties who have nowhere to go as of now.__Ruslan Tokhchukov, EnragedSince1999.

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And what are the US State Department traitors doing? Bringing thousands more "Palestinian" students in this country, awarding them scholarships, relentlessly reinforcing the already powerful jihad infrastructure here. __Ruslan Tokhchukov, EnragedSince1999.

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Israel is up against forces of pure evil. But look at all those American, English, Norwegian Quislings in the media, academia, "intellectual", "cultural" and "artistic" elites and trade unions totally aiding the Islamo-Nazi enemy against Israel. They should be all put on trial for treason not only against the only democracy of the Middle East but against the entire Western civilization at the time of existential global war. But who will bring that human refuse to justice? Who will?1 Who will?!!
Ruslan Tokhchukov, EnragedSince1999.

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But guess what headline did the repugnant CNN put on it? "Christian-Muslim clashes kill 6" (!!!). This is like "Jewish-German clashes in Auschwitz". What can one expect from the CNN Goebbelses who played an evil role in the slander, scourging and crucifiction of Sebia in 1999?
RuslanTokhchukov, EnragedSince1999.