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A tool of the devil speaks. Great. One more facet of h e l l shines amid the dull luster of our present lackluster administration.

You know what they say: t u r d s of a feather...

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MOST of our ""illegal alines"" are from SOCIALIST nations. If not ALL of them.

Ignorantly, they believe that they will get more from a socialist government than from a free capitalist government. IF they aren't paid subversives from the socialist left.

All I can say is, ignorance "IS" bliss. For now. The less you know the better for you. Idiots.

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When you are in front of the obango StalinCare death panel, it may be all you have.

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Credit? PLEASE!

If you are a savvy reader you already KNOW that credit should be HISTORY. Cash and carry or let 'em keep it. Credit has been the bain of our presently wrecked economy, in case you haven't quite figured it out, yet.

Credit "IS" (your) death. Wield it, accordingly.

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Actually, Iran is counting on him using force... to subdue Americans, so Iran can attack first and start the task both of them want: Israels extinction and Americas submission.

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I'm not sure what people are thinking supporting this vile demon.

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Bail my a s s .

This was a ransom.

Americans are like money in the bank all around the world. Period.

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I have an explanation.

Afghanis are stupid. They are uneducated. They are manipulated and manipulative. They are tools of other powerful interests that intimidate and threaten them. They are superstitious and ritualistic. They are tribal and isolationist.

Rational existential thought is a vacuous concept to them. Now, where else have we seen similar intellectual traits...?

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You are right Maher. But you can't do it on my TV. So there. Na!

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You have to remember that the communists believe "LAW" "IS" a tool to be used to control PERSONS, not to be used as a set of social rules and regulations for THEM to live by.