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Kent, wonderful post. Thank you.

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I was so floored by Lowe last night. I couldn't have asked for more. He had the bat, he had the pitching, he was in the game.

When we're on, we're on. That's good to see, and makes me really anxious to see if we keep it up.

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That is so wonderful. I am cracking up at that. You're great.

Sometimes pride really really gets in the way. It is sad to see.

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I'm a bit skeptical oftentimes. We do need to step it up though. Lots.

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I hope this doesn't get ugly. I am sad to see Jordan strike out again. And I wish we had our real lineup. This has a taste of last year that I really don't like one bit.

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Can't wait for July so I can be there with you two. This ninth inning is making me ill.

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News Flash: Previa sightings in Atlanta are on the rise.

Do we learn NOTHING from the past? Geez. Keep Jo-Jo out of the Ted, unless of course he's paying for his seat.

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I am hoping that Schafer can keep it up, especially as pitchers learn him. On Saturday he surprised me a few times, specifically in bottom of the 4th. He was at an 0-2 count, then waited out 3 balls, and then hit a double. Honestly I did not expect that kind of patience out of him at all, but it was GREAT to see. I'm just sick of doing reading and seeing people complaining that he's no Andruw Jones. But I'm pretty sure we had the opportunity to have Andruw back and decided to pass on that. Andruw was a strikeout king, and so is Francoeur. But considering he's less than a few weeks into his major league career, I think Schafer is doing better than "just fine."

I just like to pick on McCann because you sport his tshirt - - the same reason you like to pick on Yunel. ;)

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Nice job, Jack!