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Say a weather event that could compromise water service is predicted but there isnt an interruption,how do you plan on draining the Water BOB if its not in your tub? You have to slash it to drain it completely nor is there a way to remove all the water by siphoning which leads to creepy-crawlies. Those of you that are considering using this for water storage(other than emergency) or that dont have tubs might want to think about it. Also it isnt really built for long term or outdoor use IMHO. Im not even sure it could support its own weight without bursting if it wasnt in a tub or other very sturdy construction. I think youre definitely better of with drums for any long term storage or outside collection and the BOB for emergency use only.

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Any fixed blade knife worth anything really has to be full tang. Dont you want a piece of survival gear to be able to stand up to hard use? I mean by virtue of the name of this website doesnt that mean your life could depend on it? I require all my equiment to be robust, heavy duty, multi use tools. Not all of Gerber products may be bad but a few of their products most certainly are. Products that can easily seriously injure a user or bystander while using the tool in a manner consistent with its prescribed usage, products that people depend on. That to me is the mark of a company in decline and a company that a survival website should think twice about recommending the products of.
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Im lucky to have a fiance that doesnt want to live in the city her whole life. Weve purchased 40 acres a few hours outside of our city that is recreational land for us, a future home site, and a place for me to cache supplies and get to if need be. Im in the process of constructing what most would call a bunker but what I refer to my fiance and contractors to as hardened storage. This is a neccessity as our shelter on the property is semi-permanent. A yurt in fact. The money I saved by building a yurt has allowed me to build the bunker of my dreams. :) It really comes down to creative solutions and flexibility. These are the two single most important survival tools that anybody can possess. Without these all the toys in the world wont get you through anything.
Overspecialization breeds extinction,

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It is about what you can do, especially knowing that it might be for nothing or might not end up improving your lot in the long run anyway. I see "prepping" as common sense but its also a hobby as well as a certain amount of wish fulfillment on my part. I am a disaster survivor so I dont wish for something bad to happen, just a return to a simpler way of life. So Ive found ways to incorporate my preps and plans into my daily life as seamlessly as possible. I dont want a compound, or to lead a paramilitary group, or to be a warlord. I dont want to focus on survival so much that I forget to LIVE.

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Heys guys! Im a registered user here now. Ive previously posted comments as RudeBoy.