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Where can I get a blood tank?

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When I was a kid, I lived in an apartment building with a shared basement, accessible from the outside of the building, for storage. There were individual cages for individual tenants, but there was also a large room behind a big locked black door with a little window in it on one end. I couldn't see in through the window, but I remember that it was pretty dark in that room. The floor was gravel or something, and the only light was a weak bulb hanging from the middle of the room. There wasn't really anything weird in there. Just boxes and stuff. Anyway, once I had a dream about that big black door in the basement, and I could see in through the little window, and I saw a pair of glowing red eyes, surrounded by brown fur, looking out at me. I don't remember waking up from this, or being comforted over it. I don't remember it specifically being a dream at all, but I definitely have this memory, so it must have been a dream.

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Aaaaaah, he's out of the hoooooooole this is so unsaaaaaaatisfying

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I appreciate the thought that went into all the hands in that last panel.

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Ah! Satire comment! Ah!

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I cannot BELIEVE you said that about Janet Jackson. Where is your proof?

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What a horrible true story.

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So what you're saying is that I should hope for low voter turnout so my vote counts for more?

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Ah, yes, Lights Out. Someone linked me to that before and I made it to the jump scare you mentioned and nope nope nope, off it goes, I can't take it.

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What do they think it is I am so innocent and confused