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I do believe the soldier in the background is flagging our protagonist whilst shouting, "Halt!"

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Ah yes, I see you've brought your protective eye equipment! Good show! We've had ever so much trouble with that dastardly spy flicking cigarettes into our eyes!

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*writes ticket* Firsting in a public place, falsely firsting, firsting in reply to your own comment.. You're going to owe a mess of points.

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Ha! Reminds me so much of the time I got my friend Yuri to dress up as the heavy.

If only the engineer was bald!

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Demos are blind, soldiers are too. Pyro sounds sweet, but he'll likely burn you.

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For whatever reason, this reminds me of Mirror's Edge. Must be that he's hanging from a red pipe while people with guns run by.

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"You maggots make me sick! Look at you, with your tiny little legs, crawling around. The Heavy moves faster than you ladies! Even a Scout would eat you for breakfast!"

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I knew your shame. Until I moved to the 'States, that is. Ah, 'tis great to be an accepted immigrant.

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Oh don't worry, that spy is only going to slice 'kick me' into his vest.

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I think he's compensating for something. Can't grow hair on his scalp, so he grows THAT.