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I know, whoa. SO STUNNING! This person actually reminds me of someone I once had a crush on. Such a lovely face.

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I'm in love with the butch at 1:14!

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This reminds me of when I used to go on Second Life and decided to model myself as an adnrogynous looking genderqueer. I wanted to go to some queer clubs but some of them were very gender-focused and the first question they'd ask me is "are you female or male?" and I'd be all like uh... I'm genderqueer and they ask again 'female or male?" so I finally say, well I'm a female-bodied genderqueer? They'll then let me in if they accept people with a female body. I also had people walk up to me in SL and be like uh... what are you? I can't tell?

Ugh. It was surreal to realize that hah even in Second Life gender was a big deal, and while I do understand why like at a dyke club, they wouldn't want a man there or whatever, but still it was actually kinda painful/annoying.

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Love it!

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Yeah it's bullshit. I was thinking about that a while ago when I saw a shirtless guy jogging by and he basically had breasts about the same size of mine so it's like wtf, why is that so much different than what I have on my chest. Why is it fine to jog around shirtless with "man boobs" but not with "woman boobs"?!

I dunno if I would want to go around shirtless though even if i had a flat chest. But when I was a child I totally ran around shirtless all the time so one has to wonder if I would have just kept doing that if puberty didn't make my chest grow?

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Yep when I first started to embrace my genderqueer-ness, I tried to be as BOY as possible, wearing BOY clothes, not allowing myself to wear eyeliner or foundation [although plenty of male-identified folks out there wear eyeliner etc]. Nowadays I have learned to just wear whatever I want and I now wear foundation again, I'm vain okay? Hah. But I still have some inner turmoil every once a while about this sort of thing, it's hard to escape the conditioning we all grew up with. Girls wear this. Boys wear this. Boys can't wear this, Girls can't wear this etc.

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I look at it the same way as I look at my deafness. It is what it is. No point in wondering whether it'd be easier to not be deaf, or trans. We are who we are, and if we weren't trans [or deaf] we wouldn't be who we are.... and I think we are awesome the way we are... and I do feel that it teaches us a lesson in life that would take other people years to learn [if ever], and makes us stronger. I try to not dwell on how sometimes it feels too hard, or how I wish it could be easier, because then it just gets depressing.

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As a Deaf person I totally appreciated the fact that genderkid transcribed the poems. You rock!!!

Amazing. I am in love with Andrea now, what an amazing person!

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I would just recommend searching through tags that has both ASL and trans/gender/genderqueer related terms. I actually recently found this one guy who captions all his vlogs!! I was pretty excited!:
He mentions several other people making gender related vlogs that are being captioned too. I'm hopeful it'll start spreading around in the trans/gender variant youtube community as I've always been kinda frustrated with how pretty much nothing is captioned on youtube. I caption my vlogs too and do talk a bit about gender but nothing too in depth yet.

Anyway if I ever find some sort of goldmine, I'll let you know, heh.