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I can kind of see where your coming from but this has been a mentality that has been creeping into our society from multiple conduits in the past few decades. This didn't just happen after 9-11 this has been happening for quite a while.

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If you had eyes and a mind, you would be a bit afraid too. What many are afraid of is where this country is headed due to mentalities such as those expressed in this movie. Now, personally I haven't seen it however it fits the pattern of Hollywood and it's employees to produce material with anti-American sentiment that influences young mines who often adopt it as the truth. The fact is in many cases you could put an ocean between what actors/actresses perceive as reality and the truth.

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"There are no symbolic representations right now for the things the world really needs – equality and justice and humanity and solidarity and intelligence….The globe, not the flag, is the symbol that’s wanted now"

The globe, eh? Obviously she hasn't been to a number of regions on this globe. She'd change her mind real quick.

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"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"-Edmund Burke

And he was right on target. One of the biggest reasons is people have the natural tendency to disregard attrocities because it doesn't directly effect them. However a cancer such as this soon becomes everyone's problem. As for today, for the most part the problem will continue to spread with the slaughtering of Christians and Jews due to poltical correctness and our pathetic habbit of turning a blind eye to evil when our so called friends conduct such activities.

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Well put!!!

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I certainly beg to differ. Islamists that strap on suicide vests are the "biggest problem", Islamists that refer to Jews as monkeys and apes in political cartoons and make it part of their Shariah school's curriculum for children are the "biggest problem", rocket attacks against Israel and condemnation for Israel's retaliation is the "biggest problem", the invention of ridiculous terms like "islamophobia" to deflect any rational argument by the ever sympathizing leftists in the U.S. and their hatred for their own country are the "biggest problem", lying to the world and saying you want "Peace" and proving otherwise through your actions is the "biggest problem", Islamist’s constant chants of “infidel, Destroy the Great Satan (that would be the U.S. for those who are a little behind), referring to Christians as “dogs and apostates” are the “biggest problems”, murdering Jews and Christians all throughout the Mid-East simply because they are not of Islam is the “biggest problem”. __It seems the to me that the BIGGEST PROBLEM ARE ISLAMISTS AND THEIR DOCTRINE OF MURDER AND DESTRUCTION!!!!!!!!!! _

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When I see Christians building a house of worship and Jews building a temple near or in Mecca, then we can talk about the "The Religion of Peace" then we can talk about "tolerance". Until then I don't want to hear no more about "tolerance" or "islamophobia" (how silly). When are they going to get over their Christophobia? I'm fed up with imposed one way tolerance!!!

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The Arab Muslim-North African Slave trade lasted for over a millenium and Mecca was slave trade capital. We are taling about brutality that Stephen King would have a hard time writing about. By the way, we made the slave trade illegale, Islamists never did.

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Really? Just curious, where does anyone else get off trying criminalize freedom of speech. If it's so great then why do people who want to establish Shariah law refuse to live in an Islamic Republic?

"Islam in fact is the true religion if you ask me. At least it gives all humans rights including women."
You are from earth, aren't you?

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You still don't get it do you?

LBJ set the foundation for the new form of slavery called, "Government Dependency". You see, since the old archaic form of racism was starting to be frowned upon this was a more subtle means of it. All of the programs started under the "New Great Society" was never meant advance black people but was just meant to give a little bit to shut everybody up. Still don't believe me? Why are blacks and latinos still living in run down ghettos surviving off food stamps, welfare....etc? What party affilation predominatly runs these areas? The one and only, DEMOCRATIC PARTY. They never wanted blacks move forward because if they did, it would defeat their purpose and screw up their voter base. The un-foreseen side effect was that later own alot of white people were drawn into this too. The Democratic Party is still the party of enslavement, they just polished their act up.