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The fact is technology is evolving. Evolving faster, much faster, than man. And it's accelerating.

Also, you misunderstand the architecture of Watson and how machines currently are capable of deciding.

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LOL That definitely would have made a better photo for visual relief. Alas, I only have a photo of one wolf.

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I'm not a fan of mapmyrun. The site's user experience is just horrible. :-(

BTW, if you're an iPhone user Runkeeper Pro is currently FREE for a short time. It's a great app.

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More press on this announcement:

"No More Hand Holding: Why Consultants Need to Build Apps" by @alexwilliams via @RWW


"The Right Touch of Collaboration" |

Stay tuned...

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BRILLIANT!!! Roku posted my review (with my permission) to my own blog. This is GENIUS!!!

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Thanks Brent. I know you too are doing great things. Wonderful to hear from you. :- )

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Great article. Thanks for including MindTouch. It's important to note that the real power of MindTouch for this use case is in the packaged Intranet solution. It is used by some very big names including a team in Microsoft Unfortunately the Collaborative Intranet solution currently is not part of the download or Cloud service. However, if you're interested in this just ping someone at MindTouch and we'll be happy to walk you through it.

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LOL this is awesome. I don't think this documentation would be considered strategic.

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Three years later...someone has finally built it.


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Given your enthusiasm for this podcast I think you'll especially appreciate the article I wrote that was just published in Forbes:

Enjoy! :-)