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Our tax dollars at work!

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So...where is the interventionist "Responsibility to Protect" when it's Saudi oil moguls slaughtering helpless civilians. Where's that passionate American repudiation of violent aggression? Ha. Yemen gives the whole damn show away.

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A guerrilla war is always a political war, and the Taliban seem to have scored a breakthrough in the North. Is today's Taliban more inclusive of Tajiks, less strictly a Pashtun movement? I have a hard time figuring anything else out that might explain this growing success. They also fared well in Kunduz.

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So why is the Obama-Ash Carter clique in such a hurry to bomb Iran? Running out of time for all that cakewalk glory?

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Haha. Isn't "market economics" exactly why Ukraine is running to the west? Do they think they get those "free markets" for "free"? Pay for what you use, don't be such a socialist, Porky.

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FBI Command Centers! Increased police deployments! I feel safer already, don't you?

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It's a great moment in neocon history, Cakewalk Russia time!

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The same place both of the elite, establishment parties will take you.

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American willful ignorance starts at the top and is reiterated by our systems of "information". Little wonder most at the bottom are so confused as to not bother trying to understand. All the "facts" they are given are at best distortions and half-truths. They've hardly been educated with a set of tools to dissect propaganda and marketing slogans masquerading as truth.

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This is worse than the Cold War. At least at that time there was an explicable dynamic that drove both sides to confrontational postures. This new Cold War, like the Iraq War, has been purely an elective war of choice for the US and its henchmen.