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12 years ago @ Halolz - THERE'S A SPAH IN MAH ... · 1 reply · -1 points

"Oh waiter! I did not order the French onion soup."

Funny? Yes!
Good photoshop? No!
But it made me laugh so good job.
A little more work and you would of had it.

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I am sorry, that face is sad. I speak only truth.

So i take it back because after seeing the Spy in my soup, blah
At least you made yours look decent.

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See now this one is better then that Texas ranger one. Thumbs up

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This is absolutely horrible all he did was put Poke and the PokeWalker in a picture of a Walker Texas ranger poster uber Fail!

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Link your my bitch now. And I will leave you like I left your mother crying, sore and unsatisfied. And when I am done with you I will leave you on the street like a prom night dumpster baby.

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Coward you say? Troll you say?.......-1p sir.

However +1p for the well played comment.
Good day sir.

To all those that are concerned this is RobotTroll I have been sent back in time to -1p everyone that I see fit. But I am not a completely bad guy impress me enough and you shall receive the high powered, almighty P enlarger +1p.