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I havent read all the comments so if it has already been discussed, I apologize. Another point to make is what happens every time you buy a gun, and it gets registered. Its hard to do but make as many of your purchases under the radar as possible. When the gov. comes to your door it will be nice to only have a .22 rifle and pistol registered instead of your assault weps. I talk to alot of poeple about my preps in an effort to bring them on board BUT all these poeple also know me as the crazy jarhead whose yard you dont walk across... it all boils down to wether you are a wolf or a lamb.

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Most people dont take into consideration that the SHTF scenario may not be apocalyptic. It may just end up being somthing closer to the great deppression. I stock silver because its the only way for me to save money.....I cant go cash it in at the crocery store or swipe it at the gas station. That being said its far removed from being at the top of my list of preps. It never hurts to have somthing to pay the bills for a few months if you catch a layoff. Prep for the small disasters too...

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Somtimes i like to sit in my home, look around at different things i see there and wonder "How could i use this in a survival situation?" I looked at my roll of trash bags and thought of a million diff ways i could construct a shelter using materials in the woods. Ive tried it a few times since then and found you can make a nice shelter using them if you have any common sense about construction. Now instead of a tarp or a tent I keep a full roll of industrial strength trash can liners in my BOB, much less weight and space, just a bit more time required from the survivalist. When SHTF thats one thing we will have plenty of.......

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There are alot of factors to take into consideration, in my case my round of choice is the .45 Long Colt---the simpler the better---that round fits into my Revoler, my rifle, and the Taurus Judge .45--4/10 pistol. .45 long colts pack ALOT of power, especially when reloaded the way i like them. Another factor to think about is the intimidation factor, when you pull a smaller pistol out, there may be a doubt as to whether you have a BB gun or a water pitsol, pulling a 45 leaves no room for doubt and can often stop a situation without ever being fired. Really it boils down to a personal preference but bigger is better IMO. Getting a flesh wound with a 9mm would suck, but getting a "flesh wound" from a 45 would make limbs disappear. Really love the website, new to this kind of thing , look forward to bouncing ideas with u guys. Take care and stay prepared-----Rigante