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lampard aussi, même si gerrard et ronaldinho ne doivent pas être bien loins...

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the racists in iowa have pushed the GOP so far to the right they will never regain the center. the republicans have made a calculation that they will win with out the black vote.
good luck wit that.

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The flops are ranked according to how much was spent to make the movie vs how much it bought back in. When you run a loss its a flop.

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I would have loved to have seen Clinton vs Gingrich The Classic Years mano a mano. That would have been worth pay per view.

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If a landlord did that to me I'd give him a nice Glasgow Smile...

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Wow! This is a fantastic lens! I know how had some of this stuff is, as I studied 3d animation at uni. I wish I was in the animation industry as opposed to being a yoga teacher.

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What we OUGHT to do is 229 up engine our 220s and sell them to be replaced with F-15SEs. I know where there are a few starter squadrons.

SKan the F-35 and move ahead. While at it SK L-M fighters and move on.

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The stark reality is that NATO (read, USA) is not leaving Afghanistan anytime soon, as many are claiming.
If that were really true, then why build all those military megabases?
It is in there for the long haul. It came not for al-qaeda, but for getting a foothold right under the belly of Russia.
Chasing al-qaeda serves as a convenient smokescreen

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Unfortunately, for security reasons we do not allow .exe file uploads. Ask your users to first zip the file and send it that way. Then, enable .zip and .rar extensions.

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WOW,very cool, I like it.