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Excellent article. I would like to see this or articles like it posted every month and on more web sites just to keep people reminded. We need to recycle our electronics more conscientiously.............most people don't realize just how TOXIC they are.

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They told me that I had to split my comment in two because it's too here's part (1)

Now here's a story with two distinct & opposite explanations of a couple of photos. On the one hand, you have The Press saying that if it shows up in more than one photo (repeatable?) there must be something to it. Then we have the sceptics..........."Shots involving fire, smoke and fog are notorious for producing ghost images."

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O.K. Two valid views. Myself, I have to ask in answer to the sceptics, that could not an "energy" or "spirit" not take advantage of and use flames, smoke or fog as a medium to help manifest them selves? As for
the human form being the most "meaningful pattern" we know, well..........that line is a little off the mark. What is said is the human brain tries to turn chaos into some sort of recognizable order and the human "face" is the most recognizable form to us. So, we tend to see faces in in all sorts of chaotic mediums such as smoke, fog, flames, stains and even clouds.

I think it's time that some of these so called "sceptics" look at things with either a more open mind and just consider the possibilities or come up with a more Original explanation. The human face recognition explanation is, quite frankly, getting just a little tired.

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A very interesting article. I don't really want to comment off the top of my head after just reading it. I do have to ask though, isn't it actually more the "wood nymphs" that are reputed to be the tricksters and/or evil ones?
I look forward to any and all comments or responses.