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I don't know how it was the night everyone left, I didn't see trash blowing around when we were walking out, and I DID see people along the march route picking up flyers and pamphlets when they had been dropped. The next day when we went sight-seeing, it was clean.

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Well said, Sorcha, it is a simple statement. And we were on this track long before Obama came along, he just sped it up exponentially. This poster shows the frustration of many who believe the campaign rhetoric over facts on the ground..... AGAIN!

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OOOHHHH.....ooooooooh! I know! (raises hand)


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I find it very interesting that the assumption made by both the President and the Professor was one of racism. These two black men profiled this police sergeant and made assumptions about his prejudice. The very thing they accused him of, they were guilty of themselves.... now they just want it to go away.... interesting.

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Interesting how a little sunlight can change the President's tune..... I wonder if he realized when his press secretary planted this question what kind of backlash it would create for him. I wonder if he is even embarrassed that he was caught profiling a white police sergeant?

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I like how this particular reporter mentions the 'nearly' 20 ethics complaints filed (couldn't find the exact number?), and that an 'independent investigator' found that she MAY have violated ethics laws with her legal defense fund (wonder if they looked into Clinton's defense fund in the 90's?) But there is no mention that the investigative arm of the State of Alaska has exonerated the Governor in EVERY SINGLE CASE..... journalism ain't what it used to be.

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He believes in government, and even greater than that, government strongmen like Chavez and Ajadizzydad. He has done more to legitimize dictators and oppressors than any president in my lifetime.

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I'm down for that! Repeal the 16th, & 17th, and replace them with term limits! Too many career politicians learn how to become filthy rich and powerful and will do ANYTHING to stay in power (including switching parties.... Yeah, I'm looking at you, Arlen!)
This cycle of the powerful greasing the hands of the powerful has got to stop, and this is a great way to start! I'm in!

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I think you are probably right, hoedaddy, that is how slick willy won with less than 50% of the vote. But it is infuriating because the Republican party knows we are in this position, if they don't fear that conservatives will bolt the party they don't have to change much and are guaranteed our support out of fear of the alternative.

I am working as much as I can to support conservative R candidates and oppose moderate and liberal candidates, but it is a looooong process, because the party leaders hold the purse strings and dictate assenine 'strategies' that aren't working for us.

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I am mad as hell at this recent run BY REPUBLICANS to play down the effect and approach or Ronald Reagan! Spector whining about Reagan's big tent going away is total hogwash. Reagan said to take moderates in moderation, and only to join a party if you have a shared set of values. It is this shared set of values that conservatives are trying to promote!
For Jeb to take a whack at Reagan and tell us to get beyond it, is total crap! When progressives get over JFK & FDR, I still wont' get over Reagan. He ain't comign back, but he sure gave us an example to follow. Hey Jeb, GET OVER it and listen to conservatives!
I'm just sayin.....