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A man without Character Leads this Nation.

Barack Obama has 'Proven' repeatedly that he has NO honor or integrity; he can ONLY act in the best interests of Barack Obama or his agenda and simply will not or cannot act in the 'Best Interests' of the Nations Citizens.

Barack Obama has surrounded himself with those whom are like-minded sycophants, who cheer his every move and refuse to proffer any counsel, advice or information that does NOT conform exactly to his every whim.

Barack Obama cannot handle any criticism, Not even constructive criticism, because he views everything through the lens of his narcissism and personal insecurity.

Like most Liberal Progressives (Marxists), Barack Obama cannot shoulder any personal responsibility for his decisions, indecisions or actions or inactions and focuses instead on finding others to lay blame for everything he does or does not do.

The fact that Barack Obama has 'NO Executive Experience' places him in a precarious position to lead this Nation at best, when coupled with his lack of character, integrity and honor; this mixture places the Nation, the American Citizenry and even the World in great jeopardy and only failure and destruction can follow in his footsteps.

There can be NO happy or peaceful ending.

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Barack Obama will save the day.

He will send a special envoy along with his 'Security Teleprompter' and who will tell Iran "This is NOT acceptable."

In the meantime Obama is being trained to differentiate the windows from doors at the White House. God help us.