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Go Flyleaf for supporting a cause even when it is no longer "popular"!

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Lol of course I was joking...Laura and Dirick have helped me through some tough crap. And Brittany is just amazing.

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This website sucks. I can't stand Brittany, Laura, and Dirick. Please cancel the website. And I hope Flyleaf stops playing. <3 Jackie ;)

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Every single song on here makes me want to cry from happiness. They are all so lovely. If this is the last music from Flyleaf for a while, it will be a good ending. Sorry for the depressing ending there. lol

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Lacey is going to make an AMAZING mother. I can't wait for lil Josh jr. ;)

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Well this is 100x better than the Memento Mori cover. Good job guys. :) Any word on if this is just a digital release or if it will also be physically released?

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I think I am super duper ultra mega uber excited now.

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Arise is crushing the competition. ;)

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That's it. I can never smile while listening to Flyleaf ever again. *blasts Sorrow* "Sometimes life seems to quiet into paralyzing silence..."

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Well to be honest, this is only the second time I have ever listened to Courage all the way through...but despite my general dislike of the song, I really like the laid back feeling to the video. Lacey looks beautiful as does Orianthi. I wish Flyleaf would make a video with a more relaxed feeling like this one...oh well one can only hope. :)