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America re-elected Obama, regressive genes won. I rest my case.

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A little chimpage goes a long way. A big sack of shiny washers and a crate of mango's would have helped this out .

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In a strange way I am, after preaching the dangers of liberal stupidity to family and friends for over 20 years, it's nice to see they finally got what they have been praying for and hurt themselves so badly electing this puppet head as President. I am going to throroughly enjoy watching him get chewed to shreds in November and rubbing all my family and friends noses in it.

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A minor correction. It's not "The One", it's DUH WON. We lost.

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I want to thank the variety of anonymous people who made the same explanation over and over again that this is just a routine order for "hollow points" right before an election. And of course were they to buy this many rounds they would of course have to last 5 years because the contract says so. Nothing to see here, move along, go back to sleep sheeple as nobody would think of using all this ammo or employees to control unmanagable hot spots of misbehaving citizens. Rest easy though this is not the military so that whole posse comitatus thing is a moot point. Sweet dreams. Baaaaaa baaaaa.

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Another Dhimmi idiot we can add to the re-education camp list in the 3rd week of November. So many are going to need to attend camp that we may need a second keystone pipeline just to meet fuel needs to transport useful idiots to their new agrarian learning centers.

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Yes that is true Newtser but what you lack theologically you more than make up for with hubris. You could go on to be a fine Tubby TV Televangalist on Sunday for clueless loons to send checks to. Still compared to Obama or Clinton, you are the Pope.

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Oh boo hoo, you weren't validated by a bunch of liberals in Hollywood over your pigment. The horror. I hate to point out that liberals were always the party of racism and class warfare, why would you think you would get equal seating at the table now? Even now Duh Won practices class warfare that keeps the poor as poor as they were while eating the middle class. The nation is in a complete meltdown and you Hollytards remain as shallow and self absorbed as always. When your arguments are always skin deep, you'll always be making a pigment out of yourselves at the awards.

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Tards like you? Well you pole smoking choad gargler, for one your muslim was elected for 4 thus he gets four. He can't serve 5 more if he has served 3 months and 1 year otherwise with your liberal brain dead math he's entitled to 8 years plus one month. Now go bury your face in Obama's lap.

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57 states and he's going to serve 9 years. Yep, the boy is a tard.