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This is Neoliberal interventionism.
It is being sold as "Humanitarian aid".
The Neolib war hawks are no different than the Neocons.
They just have different code speak.
look at the map.
Libya is a geopolitical choke point for the West.
That is what this is all about.
It is as much about AfriCom as it is about Nato.
A boot print in Libya will lead to a foot hold on N/Africa.
This is what they want.
If Yemen, or Bahrain fall to the rebels then we will enter there also.
Both are considered our allies. Our Naval fleet is in Bahrain.
The Saudi's went into Bahrain to prop up their regime. Not one fucking word by the MSM or the liberal war hawks.
The Saudi's pushed the Arab League into going along on the attack on Libya.
This will not last.
The West used the A/L as cover into order to justify their attack.
O is a War of choice president.
Plain and simple.
Any wannabe liberal that backs this president is a traitor to him or herself.

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This is all bull shit.

I have taken MSNBC off of my TV channel clicker, just as I did to CNN long ago.
It just automatically by passes those channels.
Soon I will be getting off of TV all together.

There are enough international news outlets available to us.
Either on the web, radio, or even TV.
Link TV comes to mind.
We as true progressives must be in tune with global events.
Not with what the Jones's are doing.

Al Jazeera, BBC, Deutshe Welle, and many many others are out there.

They will soon be going after NPR, and PBS.

These have always been targets for the Fascists.

Those who control the currency and the information of a sovereign country.
Control the people.
They are getting very very close.

Now throw in some of that "old time religion" and their mission will be complete.
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My call all along has been Romney/Bush.
If it looks like the rethugs can not win in 12 [which I doubt] then Bush will be on the top of the ticket in 2016.
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The baggers are trying to rewrite history to suit their own agenda.
They drape themselves in the flag.
Yet they are destroying the soul of America.

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"War Is A Racket "

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We have been warned in the past. we are being alerted now of the evil that lurks within. these snakes in the swamp must be exposed for what they are.

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DM; re; " where are the Waristas (whatever they will be calling themselves at the moment) getting the money for this endless adventure? " The same place it has always come from. The Rothschild Cartel.

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America has to realize one thing. We live under a one part system. We are on a fast pace to becoming a fascist state. the dems are spineless as ever. just look at their appeasement to the repubs and health care. The dems are just as much bought and paid for as are the repubs. The Neolibs, will probably be worst than the Neocons. Their agenda is the same, bought and paid for by the same paymasters. Dems have to wake up. Stop living in a state of denial. You have been hustled one more time. This endless resource war will last an eternity.

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I am sure Wolf had a front row seat, being that he used to be a lobbyist for AIPAC.