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Great post!

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You're going to love Perfect Peace, 32 Candles, Substitute Me, The Darkest Child, The Last Days... & Before You Suffocate... The Warmth of Other Suns is loaded on my Kindle waiting to be read. I can't wait to dig in to it. You have a great pile of reads!

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NOT that I needed another excuse to shoe shop! Their site looks great. I didn't realize so many brands fell under Brown Shoe. I'm a huge fan of Naturalizer brand (If I could, I'd twitpic you the pair I'm wearing today). Also loving the feature that lets me just look at shoes in my size and width. As someone that wears a size that goes quickly in stores, I appreciate being able to find shoes by size and lessening my disappointment when I find out a cute pair of shoes doesn't come in mine.!

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I'll make every attempt to be there.

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Part of it is a safety issue, the other part is there aren't as many troops as there used to be due to the lack of leaders. When my daughter was in grade school I really wanted her in Brownies. I actually had to sign up to be a leader and coerce other parents to assist me. We stayed at the school for 2 years and the troop disbanded when we left because no one else would step up to the plate.

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I was a diehard Blackberry user for 3 years. I clowned iPhone people over the whole touch screen thing. I needed to FEEL the keys when I typed. When they blah blah blahed about their apps, I'd point out all of the apps I was able to use on my Bberry. And then came the day when I maxed out my Bbbery's memory. I had to switch out apps because it couldn't hold any more than the internal memory allowed. I resisted for months when the AT&T reps came to the office flashing iPhones for sell. And then finally, I broke down. I made the jump to an iPhone and I complained about it for about a month. And then I started finding apps for just about everything imaginable and I was sold. I've even gotten used to the touch screen. My 16 yr old now has my old Bberry and wouldn't give it back if I begged her for it. I'm happy with the iPhone (except for the fact that I live in fear that I'll drop it & break the fragile thing), but I'd go back to a Bberry in a heartbeat if they either expanded the internal memory or made it possible to save working apps to the external memory card.

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Wow, nail polish has come so far since my Wet N Wild days in high school, lol. Love the site!