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Notice that almost every article, column or letter urging the US to commit hostile acts against Iran is written by a Jew whose loyalty is to Israel, not America. We cannot allow Israel and their Jewish diaspora to drag us into a disastrous war in Iran the same way they got us into Iraq. We should be dialoguing and trading with Iran, a country that is no threat to us. A war with Iran will destroy the US dollar as well as our fragile economy.The thought of this is insane.

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The Israeli military couldn't fight armed Hezbollah and were sent running back to Israel with their tails between their legs. So now Israel is back to doing what it does best : killing unarmed Palestinian women and children in Gaza and stealing Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.Israel is the most warmongering, most dishonest and greediest nation on earth. The U.S. must cut off the $3 billion welfare check that we give to this criminal, thug nation every year.

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It is time for President Obama to put his words into deeds and cut off all aid to the criminal, thug nation of Israel: financial, military and political. Otherwise, Israel will continue to steal more Palestinian land and water while maintaining their starvation blockade on the Gaza Strip.Our alliance with Israel is the most dangerous and expensive alliance in our nation's history. Israel is the most dishonest, greediest and most warmongering nation on earth.

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We need a third political party of anti-war conservatives and liberals led by Ron Paul, the only politician willing to tell the truth to the American people. He says that our foreign policy causes the terrorists to hate us, especially our soldiers in the Middle East and our support for Israel's brutal occupation of the Palestinians. Unfortunately, the Republican Party has been taken over by a cabal of warmongering, Zionist neoconservatives and are just as dangerous to America as are the socialist democrat party.It is time to dismantle our empire, bring our soldiers home and end all foreign aid, especially the $3 billion yearly welfare check to Israel.

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Is this guy out of his mind? Does he not realize that only Israel wants the U.S. to attack Iran, a country that is no threat to us. We should be dialoguing and trading with Iran, not threatening them. Just this week, the US State Dept. analysts don't see Iran producing weapons grade material until 2013. In 2007, the US NIE report stated that Iran ended their weapons program in 2003. Warmongers like Charles Wald, John Bolton , Joseph Lieberman and the rest of the Israel lobby are more dangerous to America than Iran will ever be.Thankfully, these pro-Likud neocons are out of power.

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Franklin, Rosen and Weissman are liars and traitors to America. They have violated the U.S. Espionage Act and should spend the rest of their lives in prison, along with convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. The U.S. will never be safe until we cut off all aid to the criminal nation of Israel and end our dangerous and expensive alliance with them. Just this week, 25 Republican house members, led by the Israel-firster Eric Cantor( referred to as " AIPAC's errand boy) are in Israel swearing their allegiance to Israel, not America.

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Israel only wants to steal more Palestinian land and water in the West Bank and East Jerusalem while starving Palestinians in Gaza. When will the U.S. wake up to this fact and cut off all aid to the criminal, thug nation of Israel: financial, military and political. Prince Saud said it correctly: Israel must end its brutal occupation of the Palestinians and there must be a separate Palestinian state established. Anything less is not acceptable.

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Everything that Philip Giraldi writes is true. That is why President Obama must put his words into deeds and cut off all U.S. aid to Israel : financial, military and political. Israel has ignored U.S. presidents for decades and now has 500,000 illegal settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Also, Israel continues its war crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu, FM lieberman and NSC head Arad will never make peace with the Palestinians. It is time for the U.S. to stop subsidizing Israel's criminal, thug acts against their neighbors.

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The Jewish lobby needs to answer the question " Why must the Palestinians suffer for the holocaust when they had nothing to do with it?"

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VP Biden has always been a big mouth fool but before it never mattered. Now it does matter and twice recently his stupid remarks are harmful to our country. The U.S. needs Russia as an important ally, not as a dangerous enemy. We must give Russia the respect that it deserves and expects. Biden is too stupid to understand this.Last week he told Israel that it would be OK with the U.S. for them to bomb Iran. This was one of the dumbest remarks ever uttered by a U.S. official. An Israeli attack on Iran would drive oil prices through the roof, destroying our already fragile economy.Also, an attack would kill one million innocent Iranian civilians. Biden was the Dems gift to the Zionist lobby who were uneasy with Obama( Biden could always be counted on to put Israel's interests first but Obama couldn't). He needs to be sent to the woodshed and told to shut his mouth.