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That's freakin' awesome. While I prefer the design that they ended up going with, it's very exciting to see where the team had started with Midna. I find it very interesting that they ultimately abandoned that kind of "tribal" motif, considering that it permeated most of those earlier designs.

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Those look terrific -- just ordered 'em!

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While I've only just completed the fourth dungeon, Skyward Sword is progressively becoming one of my favorite entries in the series. I don't see the game usurping Twilight Princess for me, personally, but I do think that there's a chance of it topping Wind Waker (my third favorite title).

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Link and Midna, definitely. Aside from her just being my favorite video game character of all time, I have to say that I really felt a connection between those two. As you mentioned in the article, there are hints all over the place suggesting this.

Now, I s'pose I could see Link and Ilia getting together, but Midna just seems like a much better fit for Link. While her personality itself is a key factor in that, the growth of their relationship just seemed more natural, to me. It's something that, despite how the game ended, I would love to be explored in a future Zelda game (without focusing too much on it, of course).