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I loved watching Eclipse!! I watched it in Perth, Australia at midnight on the 1st of July which was my birthday. It was a good start to my birthday. Pretty exciting!! The only thing I didnt like about it (as well as New Moon) was the soundtrack. I thought the music was terrible. I loved the soundtrack in Twilight. My favorite song is the one that Robert Patty sings-on the scene where Bella gets bitten and she's going through all the pain and she's slightly slipping away. My fav!!

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i read the draft last year and i loved it!! I was so absorbed into the story that i didnt notice any mistakes. i wish SM could finish the book or even just write a little bit more-a couple more chapters or something. When i finished reading it, I felt like I was hanging on the end of a string because i want to do know the rest of Edwards story. Who else felt the same way??