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First: I love you, you know this. But we have to talk about your production value.

Second: Get a damn mic.

Third: Hang a green screen and key in video of riding a rollercoaster or something; your bedroom walls are not an interesting thing to look at. Pan the camera down and do the video from the bed behind you, and now you're talking.

Fourth: As you were saying, the content (what you're actually saying) is of course spot-on.

Fifth: There is no fifth item. Peace!

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Straight up cool, Joe! All of your friends at Wine Biz Radio are thrilled for you (well, I'm putting words in Kaz and Christophe's mouths, but what's new there)!

Start setting up a photo album for all the photos with the stars! Only a matter of time!

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Please, please move the comfy chair or get some lights for your face! As a video guy, I beg you.

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Fabulous site refresh, very clean. When I first saw the cartoon likeness, I thought, "wait a second, this is a cartoon version of Joe from like ten years ago, ya think?"

Just don't be shocked when you find new readers that see what you really look like and say, "you look NOTHING like your picture on your site." Unless that's the goal, in which case: GOOD JOB.

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Hey, if you're not busy enough, let's talk about getting you a regular commentary spot on Wine Biz Radio. Let me know if yo're interested.

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Very nicely phrased, and I think an appropriate response to the so-called kerfuffle. I know Kaz has had similar complaints about how to respond to criticisms that he's received on sites like Yelp, where a single person can come along and bad-mouth his business in a manner that is sticky and difficult to refute in any way other than he-said-she-said tactics.

The use of lawyers just shows that the subject winery has very opportunistic lawyer friends. A proper PR response would've been more along the lines of what you describe, Joe: counter with facts and opposing opinions, not with red-hot emotions and vitriol. Doing the former shows that you're a class act and will even get respect from people who don't like you; doing the latter leads to situations like this, where large communities of people who were mildly positive to neutral supporters turn into opponents who will now seek to ensure you get no coverage on their medium.

Advantage goes to the wine blogger community for your leadership on this, Joe.

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Shut it, Joe. You're the best overall wine blogger (written in English) for 2010; you got an award that says so, and I'd say that nobody would refute you. Therefore you CAN and should compare yourself to Karen MacNeil, and the sooner you get that you're playing at the same level, the better off you'll be.

Loved seeing you, as usual.

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Oh SNAP! Look at Joe bringing the facts! You bringing that sassy mouth of yours to Walla Walla soon?

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I'm mostly interested in hearing gasbags like you talk about yourselves as if you're IMPORTANT or something! :-D Seriously, I'm getting more excited by the millisecond as Walla Walla approaches, and I'm personally looking forward to raising a glass with you and catching up face-to-face.

Mutual Admiration Society notwithstanding, I would hope that the advanced blogging panel touches, however briefly, on conducting deeper research (something like, "you've written your first 100/500/1000 blog posts and have seemingly run out of topics. Now what?"). Alternately, talking about the "investigative journalism" side of wine blogging would be cool (but might require someone like Lew Perdue sitting on the panel).

Otherwise, Pamela Anderson's bra size works for me. See you soon, brother!

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I think we hit "Submit Comment" a bit too quickly there!

I agree in principle with Jeff on some of this, though I think there is a place in the world for long-form wine reviews (a la Sonadora/Wannabe Wino). The CT/GrapeStories approach appeals to the instant gratification/litmus test for whether a particular wine should be considered for purchase.

The latter is more suited to reading an interesting story about wine, what it means to the writer, how they craft the story, what details they put in (or don't). This is one of the reasons why I read Alice Feiring's blog on a regular basis; her story-telling is phenomenal, whether or not I'll ever drink any of the wines she loves.

As for the "creating an online brand via social media", Gary V says it best: if you're fake, we'll figure it out quickly and shuffle you off to the sidelines. The community and the audience really is self-correcting in that regard.