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Investigating futher, the controller appears to be an Xbox controller, and in the first panel his thumb is on the stick that appears in the next panel.

So while it may appear hidden, that stick is there, and because of knowledge of the controller, you would not see the lower stick in the second panel because of the angle.

Edit: Fixed dumb wording, hopefully.

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As cool as Killer Instinct and Crimson Dragon are, the Xbox One is still not worth it imo. Sure they fixed their stupid policies, but they can never take back what they said. Next time maybe Microsoft will think twice before trying to fuck their customers over.

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That's one... Solid snake he has. In the box.

Edit: I saw no one had posted yet and I panicked to get something good. I tried D;

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Pyro as a cat made my day.

Also, I've been under a rock so to speak with TF2 stuff, haven't been keeping up with stuff as I used to. There's clothing now? What has the world come to, first hats, now this. SOON ALL OF THE TF2 MAPS WILL BE CLOTHED.

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Wait... Which Alpar?

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Am I the only one who has LoL sidebars?

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At least it is no longer Christmas...

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lasts for a week

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So much this.

I wouldn't be so upset if the ending it gave us wasn't the same one with a different color lazer...

Also if it felt like we had control over the ending at all... You know, like the previous games...

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Engi didn't get stuff with the Uber update.