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I would much much rather be fired from my minimum wage job and know that I saved a persons life than have my job and know that I allowed someones father, son and brother to die. Pathetic...there are NO excuses for this. My family will never have anything to do with this so-called "Christian" hospital. I hope they are sued into oblivion.
And even if I knew that I was going to be sued or even jailed, I would still do whatever I could..consequences be damned. And I am just a sign painter, not a medical person....Geez

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How sad for this family to lose their beautiful daughter and then be subjected to this mindless vandalism. I hope whoever did it is caught and spends some time in jail. Our thoughts and prayers for peace are with the Belwoods

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Today marks the beginning of THE TENTH YEAR of this "war".....Even though lots of money is being made by Boeing, United technologies, Raytheon, Halliburton , Blackwater and all the other war profiteers, I say it is time to end this fiasco. Bring our troops home ! If the politicians and the weapons manufacturers want to keep on, let them and their children go fight and die ! ENOUGH !!!

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After giving Barak "More War Than Bush" Obama the Peace Prize...this group of morons have NO credibility at all. They should call it quits.

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I'm guessin that they were fighting over a line of meth , not a property line.

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A $50 fee ???? Leave it to the City of Salem to come up with a way to squeeze more money from it's residents. So, if you are trying to make ends meet, you can have a couple chickens IF you pay the city $50...how generous of them !! The City of Salem is predatory and unabashedly greedy.

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Seriously...are there any women in the military or female police officers that are not lesbians?

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Well if they decide to demolish the old building, they should use the demolition crew that rigged the World Trade Buildings (all THREE of them) to collapse. Fire has never ever in the history of the world, brought down a steel-framed building..On 9-11, three fell, including one (Bldg 7) that was not even hit by an airplane.

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I guess this is the "change" that Obama promised us....more wars, more war spending, more drone attacks, more dead civilians and more dead American soldiers.

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Why is it that you never hear of any adults from this church dying or suffering because they refused medical treatment?