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Breaking News, 1973: NPR is reporting as "unwarranted" a Senate committee's investigation into campaign tactics employed by The Committee to Reelect the President. Spokesmen for the President observed that Richard Nixon was reelected by an landslide in one of the greatest electoral blowouts in American history. That investigation [by Sen. Ervin], which has no set timetable, was launched in when Ervin asked the White House for executive branch documents.

Ervin, in a statement to the AP, said he is still working with President Nixon's campaign on getting the requested documents. He said he is looking into possible violations of federal, state and local reporting requirements, as well as allegations of financial abuse, and would consider holding a hearing depending on what he learns.

Republicans and White House supporters have assailed the probe as an unwarranted political ploy.

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When a CPA firm undertakes a financial audit the first stage is to determine whether the company under review has safeguards in place to detect and prevent error and fraud. This was codified in Sarbanes-Oxley but had long been standard audit procedure. IT IS ONLY AFTER IT IS DETERMINED THAT SAFEGUARDS ARE IN PLACE AND ADHERED TO that an audit would proceed to examine the financial assertions making up the Financial Statements. Put simply, you don't accept the firm's Cash On Hand claim if you have found they don't count the cash or reconcile their bank accounts.

Yet what Bergeron is demanding is that the public accept his assertion of no invalid voters even after it has been resoundingly demonstrated that NH has no safeguards in place to detect voter fraud and makes no effort to prevent it. He wants us to accept his voter inventory without recording acquisitions, disbursements or a count of what's on the shelves. Somehow I doubt NH takes a similar attitude toward its residents' taxable income.

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"lending a helping hand, may achieve the same result as Thatcher"

What - breaking the power of the unions? We can but hope.

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"I always find myself rooting for people who stand up for what they believe in, and it always gives me a great charge to see it happen."

So - that's why Harvey was so staunch in his criticisms of those who dissed George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld!

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What nobody ever asks Goolsbee and his compatriots is "What is the maximum percentage of GNP that should be consumed by government at all levels?

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Romney needs to expand this theme, perhaps by noting how the bailout of Detroit aided the unions and shafted the bondholders -- pointing out that many of those bondholders were pension funds supporting widows and orphans, or folk whose lost bond investments denied them the ability to turn those investments around into other, possibly job-creating, opportunities.

Nyahh - that would require a voting block (and more importantly, a MSM) that understood how free market capitalism works.

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Huh - I have my defaults set to prevent Autoplay and have no trouble with the Big sites. Perhaps the fault, dear complainants, lies not in your Bigs, but in yourselves.

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I find it wonderfully ironic that the atheist Vonnegut's portrayal of the Tralfamadorians did much to enable me to conceive of a God as external to Time and thus able to accomplish his many miracles through manipulation of events across Time and Space, and thus did much to confirm and deepen my faith in a Creator.

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One factor to consider in choosing somebody to head the GOP for the next four years (assuming they win) is whether they've demonstrated a commitment and ability to BUILD THE PARTY. Is a president who doesn't build the GOP really winning for the GOP? What condition did Romney leave the Massachusetts Republican party in? What was Gingrich's legacy? Has Perry built the GOP in Texas, has Bachmann built the GOP in Minnesota? Interesting that this is one question generally ignored.