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I continue to be ashamed to be a US citizen. These drones are controlled from within US continental limits as if it were a video game. As a US Marine, I've spilled blood for this nation and will live the rest of my life knowing that it was totally unjust, but, at least it was close in. Me and my opponents could smell each other, could see each other's sweat. We didn't fire indiscriminately into crowds of people, hoping that there might be an enemy combatant lurking somewhere close by. The use of these drones is a act of cowardice and brings shame on all US citizens until we all do something to put a stop to it. Killing people indiscriminately, innocent people who have never in any way been a threat to you or me or our families is not an act of war, it is Murder and the murderers must be stopped.

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Yeah, well if the Taliban's use of White Phosphorus is "Reprehensible" then maybe, Just Maybe, the Israeli use of it in Gaza might be Reprehensible, too... Ya Think ???