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Yes, I fear so.

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One of the tragedies of humankind - the indefatigable energy expended on ignoble and idiotic causes.

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"Denier types" who constantly parrot the same old discredited arguments and falsehoods, like witless Energizer Bunnies, don't really deserve any better. If these are their only options open to them, that's their problem.

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Hilarious, but totally predictable. What a bunch of ignorant fools.

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To be "serious" again: Waleed Aly's essay in the Australian "Quarterly Essay", issue 37 (2010), in the context of a broader discussion on modern flavours of conservatism and liberalism - analysing neo-conservatism and neo-liberalism in Australian politics in particular - includes a section called "A fight to the political death", on climate change. His argument that the ideology of the latter two groups requires a total defeat of those wishing to do something about manmade climate effects is very persuasive.

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No, it isn't. They're trying to hypnotise their opponents into a state of wearied somnolence. It won't work.

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It's tough being a denier these days - all they have left is lies and distortions.

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Back with your drivel again? This ground has already been well-covered. Stop parrotting this garbage, sock puppet.

Incidentally, the notion that the Alps and Westland have got drier is palpably false.

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Gosman, you hereby demonstrate that you know next to nothing about global climatology - quelle surprise. World record dewpoints, recorded at Dubai and possibly other locations, are about 34-35C. Such conditions are impossible to mitigate for survival and acceptable living conditions unless very expensive measures are taken.

Macro2's comments about the ostrich (emu?) mentality are spot on. It's a wonderful demonstration of human stupidity and arrogance to visit Australia's Weatherzone forums - highly tolerant of climate cranks and very hostile to scientific opinion. There's also a leavening of fundamentalist religious cranks, a la Wishart.

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More please if possible frflyer! Most impressive.