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Obama made a Mockery of the Nobel Prize. if he had any moral values he would return it. who will be getting it next? Ehmud Olmert for slaying civilians in Palestine ? , maybe robert mugabe ? this process is a joke. Nobel would roll over in his grave.

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Germany, have you not learned your lesson ? WHY ARE YOU IN AFGHANISTAN ? i was born in Austria after the war and frankly, i'm sick and tired of watching all the Jewish propaganda over the Years smearing your great Country, being called a Nazi because of my accent and watching the world fall into the same Trap as 80 Years ago to further the Jewish desire of World Control. believe me, nobody will thank you but you will once more be blamed for all the horrendous war crimes committed by the allied forces.
have you not learned your lesson ? Merkel is not to be trusted as she is a close Friend of Israel. Just think, Merkel, Starkosy, Brown,
sounds like Eichmann, Borman , Goebbels and Hitler, all of Jewish decent. De-ja-vu anyone ?

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Hiking in Iraq ? Hello ? i'm no war strategist but anyone walking around in a war zone is there for a reason, not for exercise.
if i was Iranian i would consider any Hikers with Israel Names a threat to the Security to my country and have them locked up.
Israel has been nothing but meddling in middle eastern affairs and has still resisted to have their own nuclear facilities inspected.
i believe that this was the excuse used by Bush and Cohorts to invade and cause havok in Iraq in the first place ?