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I agree - there seems to be more definition and more tonal differences in the LR2 crop.

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"On the left" and "On the left" ?

"On the left, the RAW (CR2) file processed by Adobe Lightroom 2.5. On the left, the same RAW file processed in Canon's Digital Photo Professional (DPP)."

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Yes, please send me a copy of 25 Steps to Success e-Book for free, and I'll take it on the same terms.


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There is a detailed review of the GF1 in the 12 September edition of Amateur Photographer. The reviewer likes it, but there is one killer sentence tucked into the panel that highlights 'resolution, noise, and sensitivity. The sentence reads:

"There is a granular texture visible in images throughout the sensitivity setting range, whether the high-sensitivity noise reduction is set to its highest or lowest setting."